In the work scenario, if you choose the wrong possibility, the consequences may be catastrophic, which is why it is important to know what you want to be before it is too late. Occupational tests are helpful in deciding that.

In the current environment it is essential to know area of interest of the candidate before taking any decision. Occupational tests provides scientific approach for it. Occupational test is an Online Assessment which evaluates area of interest of the candidate.

This test is useful in

A. Selection of Candidate for specific Job Profile: Occupational tests can provide useful insights if candidate is aligned with the job requirements.

B. Selection of Candidate for particular Education course/ Stream: Occupational tests can provide analysis of strength/ weakness of the candidate in specific area of education. It can help to decide if student should be admitted for the course.

How it Works


A functional test is being made a part of interview processes across various companies. The recruiters suggest the candidate they are interviewing to take an online based or paper based functional test.

The test taker is posed with basic questions that help the reviewer get a preview of his background information like his name, his father’s name, his age, his hobbies, his aspirations and his philosophies in life. Then there are questions which reveal the candidate’s educational background, likes and dislikes in life. These unseeingly naïve questions could help determine the candidate’s career without making it obvious from the start. In some Occupational tests, there are pictures of men and women in their workplace or doing some activity which the candidate is asked to select if he or she likes what is before him in the picture.

Deriving & Analysing the Results


The reviewer then sees and associates the test taker’s answers to the stream of work he or she could excel in. This conclusion is brought about by the personality type of the test taker. The interviewer can thus determine if that candidate would be well suited for that particular job even before he has his one-on-one with the former. Usually, the six personality types, Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional are associated with different careers such as Stock Brokers, Police Officers, Teachers, Businessmen, and Bankers respectively.

The result is analysed thoroughly to ensure that the candidate is placed in a profile where he can be an asset to his employer and see an escalating growth in his career as well. The aim of this Occupational test, which is becoming increasing popular is to help the interviewers select the best candidate for their open positions and for the candidate to know and choose the domain he can work in, comfortably. We live in a world of possibilities. The sooner we learn that the better our chances are at making the best of what comes our way.



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