knowledge grasping ability of students

How to test knowledge grasping ability of students?

For last thousands of years, all over the world, examinations are being conducted to assess the outcome of education. May it be learning archery, study of Vedas, or may it be studying mathematics, archaeology, may it be pursuing information technology or nuclear medicines.

knowledge grasping ability of students

Practically every subject incorporates a scientifically developed regular evaluation of students. Whether it is formal education, skill development or vocational training, examinations/continuous assessments are meant to monitor knowledge grasping ability of students, which depends on practice and concentration. These also help students to know where they fall weak and what are their strong points. In short, exams make them know their standing as a student.

Conducting Exam Assessment

Along with teaching methodologies traditional exam pattern in India has also undergone a gradual change over the last few decades. Usually process of conducting exams involves a lot of manpower and it is a tedious job for an evaluator/teacher/professor to assess the papers and prepare a result. Moreover the entire process involves many possibilities of errors and inaccuracies, since it is executed single handedly by an examiner, who, being human is likely to make some differentiation.

We are in the second decade of the twenty first century today and technology is pervading all spheres of human life. Though it is debatable whether technology adds flavor to human life or it is a curse, it is certain that technology has made life smoother. Especially, it has made many laborious jobs hassle-free. To be specific, education system in India has benefited a lot by advanced technology. Today not only admission system, but entire evaluation process has become easier and smooth due to technology. And several educational institutes across the country avail by adopting it for their major activities.

Trends and Advantages of Technology for Assessment

knowledge grasping ability of students

With the help of software, educational or training institutes can now set their own evaluation pattern. Online Tests can be conducted after each topic is completed or they can be based on a group of topics. This abates to appraise gradual progress of students. For some subjects, certain topics are related to practical knowledge.  Even in this case online tests can be arranged to gauge the students’ knowledge grasping ability. Online exams are also valuable to make overall batch analysis. All these tests deploy advanced software which is user friendly. Moreover this entire evaluation process saves time and energy of academic and administrative staff of the institute. Major advantage of such exams is that they ensure complete accuracy and are more trustworthy, since they avoid human interference.

Result Analysis

Once the results are ready (and they are ready in just one click) it is easier for the teachers to assess the students’ topic wise grasp and they can guide them to study accordingly. After looking at the result sheet, students themselves can focus more on certain topics so that they can score better in final exams. The ultimate objective of the evaluation is to offer the students opportunity to test their ability /skill to grasp the study subject. It is fulfilled by modern software and that too by saving efforts and precious time of teaching staff. So no doubt, online test system is a boon to present day educational and training institutes and for students as well.

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