About MES Garware Science College:

MES Gareware Science College is one of the reputed colleges of Pune University. Each year hundreds of students apply for the M Sc/ MCA Admissions. Institute conducts entrance exam for the students. Based on entrance exams institute shortlists students who are eligible to take admission.

MES Garware College of Science Pune
MES Garware College of Science Pune



Management of entrance exam has been critical task. In case of traditional process institute need to manage multiple exam halls, invigilators for each group of students, manual paper checking of the students answersheet, result processing, shortlisting. All the manual processes results in the delay of result declaration.
MES Garware College decided to use Online Examination Platform Eklavvya.in to manage entrance exams of the MCA and M Sc. Due to online examination process, overall administration work has simplified and results have been generated instantly. College is able to analyze each individual student as well as group of students over graphical analysis.


Overall Impact of Shifting to Online Examination  from Traditional Exam.

  • PinOverall simplification of the process.
  • Save in Administration cost.
  • Instant Result Generation which helped in simplification of Admission Process Steps
  • Reduce anxiety among students for Exam Results.
  • Graphical Analysis helped institute to shortlist suitable candidates for the next process