Question Banks

As world is going digital today, education sector is not lagging behind. Several institutions across the country have already established online admission system and many more have opted for online examination system as well.

Even preparing question banks has become easy today using software. Unlike the traditional examination system the on line system is paperless and saves time, money and efforts. It is absolutely transparent, impartial and accurate.

Apart from university examinations there are several competitive exams like IIT JEE, CET, NEET, TET, CPT, IBPS, etc. Online exams are conducted at various private and government establishments for recruitment process also.

Preparing question banks is a crucial part in the entire process of on line examinations.

Question Banks


Question Bank can be prepared with Following Steps

1.Subject Matter Expert:

For each subject/ Topic there is subject matter expert teacher available. Such person can login to the system and make entry of all questions.

All such entries would be having attributes like marks per question, difficulty level, Subject Name, Topic Name. This way each individual subject matter expert can make entries of individual subject/ topic questions

2. Examination Pattern :

Examination patter can also be defined in the system. Examination pattern can have attributes like Exam Type, Total Time for Exam, Marks per Question, Negative marking, Total Number of questions per subject/ Topic/ Difficulty level etc.

3. Auto Generation of Question paper:

If your examination pattern is feed in the system then it can generate   question paper using random selection of questions based on the pattern. Algorithm can work in such a way that questions would not be repeated within the exam

4. Moderator:

Role of the moderator is to analyze system generated question paper in terms of accuracy.

Online Question Paper Generation is automated process. It saves lot of time consumed during manual process of Question paper Generation Process.It makes the examination and assessment process absolutely fair.


Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences Using Online Question Paper Generation


DMIMS using Online Exam Paper Generation Software

DMIMS has been using Eklavvya Services to manage examination paper Generation Process. Entire Process of Question Bank Preparation by experts/ Question Paper Generation/ Moderation and Validation of the paper has been automated to reduce administration cost and delays of examination process. Paper setter, Moderator, validator logs in to the system from various locations.

There has been additional check of IP address to make sure that valid user is logged in from known locations. Entire Examination paper generation and validation process has been automated.

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CA Parag Kulkarni
CA Parag Kulkarni








Let me appreciate all efforts put in by entire team to successfully complete the examination. We are very thankful to all of you for entire support extended during the examination.We are able to execute our Online Exam Process with secure browsers seamlessly. Thanks once again.