Pre-admission to fee collection process of an institute is the most hectic and complicated process which can be made easy using modern technology to manage the process. provides facility to manage entire admission process along with collecting fee from the student It reduces the hectic job of maintaining physical documentation as the process can be simplified by documents being scanned and attached in the software itself.

Management of online admission process

Pre-admission management allows you to record all Applications and communicate all updates to them directly in one shot. Pre-admission management can finish off the work fast with less man power and mistakes done by them. Management of pre-admission to fee collection process is also helpful for parents and candidates because they can register and pay the fees any time and from anywhere in the world according to their convenience.

Facilitating all students in the payments process is central to the success of the collection of fees. It is imperative that the institute collects all fees owing, and will endeavor to do so in the most efficient manner. Management of fee collection process facilitates automation of fee collection for any institute with complete security, consistency and accuracy of the data. Also it allows receiving fees in seconds with few clicks of mouse or keyboard.

The management of fee collection process includes an in-built payment gateway that enables students pay their fees – admission, exam etc. directly online. It also has comprehensive accounting and reporting mechanism that enables accounts and administrative departments of an institute to issue fee receipts and student lists report respectively easily. By launching your institute online and adopting the state of the art mechanisms, you can accelerate your pre-admission and fee collection process while reducing your staffs’ workload freeing them to undertake other tasks. It also reduces data entry errors due to messy handwriting and human error. It can automatically handle almost all your pre-admission, on-site and post-admission easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

“Progressive Education Society’s Modern College group has been using ePravesh® services to manage online Admission and Online Fee Collection Process. Entire Process including Online Notice Board/ Online Form Filling/ Online Merit List/ Wait List Generation for various admission Rounds/ Online Fee Collection has been automated. It has resulted in automation of 10000+ students admission management and Fee collection process

Prof. Mr. Deshmukh, Vice Principle Modern College
Prof. Mr. Deshmukh
Vice Principle Modern College

 ….We received excellent feedback from the parents and students community, support staff regarding ePravesh which has simplified admission process .We have received excellent feedback from the Admission Section of our college due to this solution their work has been simplified and readily available reports were handy to take care of day to day activities and functioning during the admission period. …..

Effective Way for Managing Fee Collection

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