Interschool/college competitions is a part of educational events that various institutions hold each year. These events are about a lot more than great prizes and having fun. They allow participants to learn, show their certified skills, compare their results and share their talents with other students. They let you attract, engage and evaluate candidates in your target group, in a single effective process.


Institutes usually conduct a variety of educational events like debate, story- telling and essay competitions, science project competitions, quiz competitions and sports, music and drawing competitions. Even theme based drama competitions are popular among students. All these educational events help institutes to build their brand.

Interschool/college competitions should be arranged according to your target audience. If you are running a training institute and your target students are undergraduate students then relevant competitions can be arranged at the college campus or one or more educational events of the college can be sponsored to build brand of your institute. You need to create more contents of your institute to be shared with external world to attract more students. Today’s students are techno- savvy. Therefore you need to share contents using technology to reach out to the students and simplify enrollment process (promoting online registration process) to attract more number of students for your educational event.

Social media is an effective tool to attract enrollments for your educational events. Creating Facebook page, announcing the competitions on it and uploading videos and photographs of the past events on You Tube can help you reach the larger audience in a short time. If you are running the school/college then all the success of your school in various competitions/educational events, success in the Olympiad exams can be shared. This will automatically give you increased enrollments. If schools/colleges are conducting competitions that have social relevance, they can try to get sponsorship from various NGOs working in that specific field and from Govt. departments also. Sponsorship not only provides finance but it helps increase the outreach and attract more enrollments.

ePravesh platform allows you to define educational events and accept enrollments for it along with accepting fees for the event.Many organizations and institutes are using ePravesh platform to accept applications from Indian as well as international students for their events and competitions. ePravesh platform has facility to accept multicurrency payments for the educational event registrations.