Distribution Challenge

Many educational coaching institutes distribute contents in the form of printed notes. There is serious limitation to this approach as this format is not cost effective and non scalable. There is significant distribution and printing cost involved in this approach. If institute is operating in multicity and multiple locations then challenge increases. With this approach it is not possible to reachout to more students and there is also possibility of photo copying your copyrights notes by other students.


Usage of technology to scale up and reach out more students

With the advancement of technology it has become easier to distribute educational contents to larger audience. Technology is secure enough to prevent unauthorized copying of the contents. Each student must enroll/ buy subscription/ course key to use contents. ePravesh.com has developed approach which would help you to distribute educational contents online as well as offline manner.
Student with good internet connection can use online subscription to access educational contents while one without internet connection can subscribe for flash drive based secure contents.

Test Series

If you are conducting test series for competitive exams like MBA/ Banking/ Govt positions/ RBI/ LIC etc then it is essential to provide options to more students to appear for it. Technology can help you to get more enrolments.
With the help of technology like Eklavvya.in you can launch Online Test Series in quick time with online subscription option. Students can make online payment to start subscription of Online test series.

Test series can be stored in flash drive with license key option. With the help of unique license key Test series assessment can be initiated on single device.

Technology driven test series and assessment helps candidate to analyze strong and weak areas, it also provides useful insights about preparation for the subsequent exam with detailed topic wise analysis.

Education Learning Content Distribution
Education Learning Content Distribution

Training Videos

Training videos are useful way to teach students concepts taught by good teachers with the help of technology. Videos can be distributed online subscription mode with students can make payment to buy subscription. Videos can be delivered using technology like CDN (Content Delivery Network).

In case of tier 2/ tier 3 cities and rural areas where there is limitation of good internet connection, offline mode flash drive method can be used. Training videos can be embedded in flash drive with secure key. This key can be used only for one device and flash drive coping and distribution is prevented using technology.It helps students to access video offline and unauthorized copying of the training videos is also prevented.

Distribution of educational Notes and Books

Educational reference notes are something which is popular among students for higher education and competitive exam preparation. There is limitation for distributing it in the form of hard copy print. Cost of distribution is high for traditional mode of distribution.

If such notes and books are distributed in the form of eBooks technology then it becomes easier for students to access it on any device including tablet/ mobile/ desktop/ browser. If institute or publisher wants to update the notes then it is easy to update it even after distribution as student would automatically get updated latest contents online.
All such educational contents can have expiry date associated with it. Subscription ( Online and Offline) would expire after certain period of time say 6 months or 1 year.

ePravesh.com (Online Marketplace for education)

ePravesh.com (Online Marketplace for education)

ePravesh.com is an online marketplace for education where as an educational entity you can sell online admission forms, educational contents like assessments, educational notes, educational cds, educational videos in a secure way. 100+ institutes, publishers, coaching institutes, universities are being benefited by using ePravesh.com. Register on ePravesh.com to get started.

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