Student Resume WritingStudent Resume Writing

“Resume is a door opener for the dream job!” When responding to a job opening, your resume precedes you. And quite literally, your resume speaks for you. Hence, fresher students need to understand the essentials of a winning resume.

Student Resume Writing
Student Resume Writing

1. Know Yourself to write an authentic job objective

Copying from someone’s resume is quite popular but equally risky practice. The job objective which is the first part of the resume should be matching with your own career aspirations. Hence, be clear and straight about the same.
e.g. To build a career as a SAP-SD/CRM Consultant with a growth oriented and reputed organization to utilize my skills and knowledge in achieving organizational goals.

2. Listing the Academic Records & Projects

Always start with your latest academic qualification with all the details such as name of the University, percentage and year of passing. Nowadays as most of the companies do a thorough background check about the selected candidates, your resume should reveal all the facts. Please do not “round-off” the percentage/marks/grade just to impress the reader. Also, keep the information about your academic projects short enough to interest
the interviewer.

3. Extra-curricular Activities

Be specific about your sports and social achievements. Leading school/college team in sports or other competitions shows your leadership and team building skills so do include such achievements in your resume but again in simple and short sentences. E.g. I was Captain of the Champion Football Team for consecutive 3 years.


4. Hobbies

Though you may have a range of different hobbies, write only 2 or maximum 3 hobbies in your resume. The reason is that the interviewer may ask you tricky questions and you may need to answer elaborately. E.g. about hobby –reading, you may be asked “which is your favorite book or author and why?”

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