Long Queues for School Admission Process


Aren’t we all aware of the tedious, and not so appealing procedure of admissions. Gives flashbacks right? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the admissions handy!

Admission process is mission critical for any education institute. If it is executed professionally then satisfaction level of prospective students increases and it also helps in branding of the institute. Here are some of the ways to improve the admission process of the institute.

Ways to improve Admission Process of School,Colleges

Knowledge about Online Admission Process

Online Application Form

Currently most of the educational institutes , school teachers, institute/ university teachers are against Online admission process due to lack of detailed knowledge of the system and unaware of how to use it effectively.So when students approaches them they are helpless in most of the situation and it creates negative attitude for automation and technology usage to simplify such critical process.


Appropriate training must be provided to institute staff about effective usage of the system. Admission system should be more user friendly and importance of such system should be communicated to education world.

When world is fast forward in terms of technology adoption,education system can not fall behind it. Effective training and awareness would certainly help to reduce barriers of such system adoption


Online, Offline Support

Currently if students, parents are stuck while filling online forms there is no one available for the help. So it increases frustration among students,parents. So instead of making process simpler with system it becomes tedious where hundreds of queries and no one is available to handle those queries.

Check the feedback from one of faculty member:On the condition of anonymity, a college faculty said,

“Private colleges generally assist students during the on-line admissions. Administration at the government colleges is least bothered to look into the problems of the students. Government colleges’ faculty members also abstain themselves from carrying out the work of verification of documents.”

So lack of enthusiasm with Govt colleges to help students results in failure of the system.


Effective support using multiple channels

1. Live Chat: During form submission support representative should be available to resolve query using live chat tool. It helps to reduce errors,anxiety for students,parents as they can get instant query resolution.

Facebook Chatbot for admission Queries

Many live chat tools are available which can help you to automate simple query resolution process.

Chat-bots can answer basic queries of the students, parents instantly without human intervention. Chat-bots can be designed with approach to manage frequently asked queries without human intervention.

Simple documentation about how to fill online form, step by step guide, frequently asked questions about admission process can be provided. It should be visible or accessible to candidate while filling online forms. It helps to resolve query related to admission process.

2. Email Support: Proper email support mechanism should be established similar to any CRM system using by larger organizations so that queries can be resolved over email.

3. Phone Support: Similar to email phone support preferably toll free number can be provided. In case of large volume of calls you should set up IVR system.

Such system helps to manage phone calls in professional manner. Some of the systems helps to record phone calls. You can analyze quality of phone calls with recorded audio files.


4. Sample Form Submission Video: System can showcase demo steps to submit online form in the form of video preview can be provided.


Centralized Effective process

Currently if student needs to take admission for B Sc, B Com, M Com, MCM, M Sc , MA, BA etc student need to visit each college separately and submit the forms, Each institute has different deadlines. Different forms and there is no centralize system so students are facing lot of trouble.


There should be centralize portal/web site which will display and facilitate online admission form submission of multiple schools,colleges along with online form fee payment.

It will certainly save lot of time. ePravesh.com has implemented centralized admission process for many institutes and universities with success. Many of the institutes are using it, students ,parents are finding it good initiate as it is saving their time of travel to institute and managing deadlines of form submission etc.

demo of ePravesh online admission solution



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ePravesh® as a platform has helped us to reach out to a variety of students across the country. Not only has it helped us to increase awareness but their excellent technological knowhow have made the process of admission cost effective and swift for us. The human resource that we needed to deploy previously has gone down and so has the manual error. All in All it has help us set up an organised system into place which makes the entire process transparent and effective for both the institute and the students”


Mr. S. P Badgujar
North Maharashtra University (NMU) Distance Education Head