Top Personal Interview Questions for your MBA !!
It is the time to appear for Personal Interviews at various B Schools for the final selection offer. MBA interviews are tricky and you need to present yourself as serious candidate who has clarity in goals and has shown managerial abilities in previous work experience. MBA Interview 1. Why do you want to go for an MBA ? –> Institute is looking for the clarity of goals, throught process about your own career, your expectations from the MBA education. You need to answer this question in story telling mode.  Storytelling mode helps you to connect with the interviewer. It also shows that you are the person who is learning from your experience. Your Employability, area of interest, career aspirations should be covered in the answer. 2. What is your career goal ? –> You should be prepared with your short term and long term goals associated with your MBA. MBA education has high price tag associated with it, you should be able to explain about how you would be able to get returns from this investment in the short term and how MBA education would be able to fulfill your career aspiration. 3. Why <Institute Name> for your MBA ? –> It will always be good to review website of the institute, Institute’s FaceBook page, Twitter updates before appearing for the interview. You would be in a better position to explain recent updates of institute which you found interesting and it will also indicate your seriousness towards that institute course. You can provide reference of any particular alumni member, professor from the institute. Strong reference does help in cracking the deal. 4. What is your area of interest (Finance/Marketing/HR/IT/Operations) ? –> You should also be aware of news and events associated with your interest. if you are mentioning your area of interest as finance then it is expected that you should know some basic finance stuff like stock market, mutual fund, insurance etc. If you are mentioning your interest as IT then you should be familiar with industry trends,NASSCOM, IDC reports, CIO IT trends. Doing proper homework about your interesting sector and then writing down it on the paper would help you to finalize the answer for such question. 5. Can you explain importance of MBA in the corporate world? –> Regularly latest business news from EconomicTimes, reading magazines like India Today, Business Today, Business World would help you to better prepare this question. This question would test your knowledge related to business world and answer would showcase your analytical ability to understand business.