With admissions season in Junior colleges coming to an end, one can clearly imagine the stress it has caused to the institutes, parents and most importantly to the students. Looking at the increase in internet penetration in the country, many Indian institutes explored the online mode of admission in order to streamline and organize the entire process. Unfortunately, it led to more problems than solutions.


How to use technology Effectively ?

Lack of effective training amongst teachers and students, server issues due to excessive data sharing, & lack of information about the medium leading to anxiety amongst the students are just few of the issues due to which many students preferred the offline mode to the online mode. Although there were

Online Form Submission and Fee Payment
Online Form Submission and Fee Payment

minor speed bumps in the integration of this technology, it is an important step in the consolidation of education and technology going forward.


According to recent research, there are more than 1.32 lakh students applying for junior college admissions each year and this number increases with each passing year. While many institutes have woken up to the need of using technology, they have been cautious in adapting to the technology right away. The need of the hour is to use cloud computing platforms to streamline educational admission processes. Cloud computing platforms are user friendly, scalable, flexible .

Advantages of Streamlined Processes in Education

All processes in the system are automated which reduces the manual work, and thereby making the entire admission system more effective. Cloud Computing platforms also enable submission of concurrent applications, by automatically adding a additional server in-case the traffic increases, which reduces the technical errors and ensures that the information submitted by the students reaches the right college with 100% accuracy. This platform will allow for real-time aknowledgements of payments received, and enable students from Tier II/III cities and abroad to make quick and easy payments for admission processes.


 Smartphone Technology

The penetration of smartphones has freed this platform from being restricted to one location, and now, can be used on-the-go. With the rise in the

ePravesh Android App for Education institute
ePravesh Android App for Education institute

number of students using smartphones, android applications can be used as an alternate medium to reachout to more students/ Applicants and make the necessary payments of admission form fee. Research shows 84% of all Indian students are using smartphones; android applications for form submissions will not only make the process mobile and convenient, but also ease the traffic for online applications. In the future, the movement of these platforms to mobile devices will give way to larger role which m-Commerce will play in streamlining educational processes in the future.


Technology, if used effectively, can prove to be a boon, but ineffective use can only lead to confusion. With greater awareness and training in the use of cloud computing platforms, educational platforms can be used to streamline the admission processes for students in an effective and efficient manner. Technology is tool, and effective tools will help in making any process easier; it is important that we adapt to these innovative educational platforms and embrace technology to see growth of our educational system towards global standards.