Today’s education involves many competitive examinations. The students need to appear for many different competitive exams during the course of their education.

Right from the school days, children are getting used to competitive examinations including Olympiad Exam, Scholarship Examination, National Talent Search and Quiz Competitions. Such exams certainly can act as launch pad or preparation for next level of competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, CET, CAT, GMAT and other competitive entrance and qualification examinations.

Technology in education is enhancing overall education experience and it is helping the students and teachers in collaborative environment. Technology simplifies education by improving the learning experience and providing the detailed analysis of performance of the student.

Today’s competitive environment has many objective/multiple choice questions and practice of such exams can be done using Eklavvya (Competitive Exam CD Package) by conducting mock exams.

Few of the advantages of adopting Eklavvya are mentioned below:

Advantages of Eklavvya (Competitive Exam CD)

1. Compatible with All Contents

Consider you are from education institute, Publication House, Coaching Institute and looking to build Assessment based CD Solution. In such case Eklavvya CD Solution will help you to build your CD easily. Input to Eklavvya solution is Question Bank.

This question bank can be created for school, Olympiad exam, MPS , UPSC, GRE, GMAT, Scholarship Exam etc. Such system would provide you flexibility in preparing and distributing content of assessment to the students. Eklavvya CD Solution for Student Assessment and Examination

2. Prevention of CD Copying

One of the challenging aspects for digital content is piracy. Eklavvya CD Solution would help you to prevent piracy or any unauthorized distribution of the CD contents/ Question Bank.

All the CDs are copy prevented and user would not be able to copy the CD contents. License key management is done using advance security mechanism.

3. Self Learning Mechanism:

Eklavvya CD Solution offers many advantages which are as below.


  • Practice Mock Tests Everyday
  • Unlimited Practice Papers
  • Analyze Your Performance
  • Compare your results with Past Performances
  • Detailed Subject wise Analysis
  • Improve Your Score and Ranking for Final Exams
  • Latest Question Bank with hundreds of Questions
  • Graphical Analysis of Entire Test Series Performance
  • Track progress of Student On Regular Basis
Eklavvya CD Solution for Student Assessment and Examination
Eklavvya CD Solution for Student Assessment and Examination
Exam ,Assessment Analysis 


Exam and Assessment Analysis