Hiring Process Automation using Online Assessment

Because of the development of the Internet and its continuing commercialization, many traditional things in the business world can be done remotely, which could save companies costs, time, and effort. One of these is the hiring processes of the companies. Now, recruiters can save time and effort in initial evaluations of applications through having online assessment process for hiring.

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These online assessments can either be real time or not, depending on the recruiters. Basically, these assessments can be considered as online tests that candidates need to take and can be just sent to their Emails. Through this, recruiters can already filter candidates even before calling them to further process their applications. Because of the multiple benefits that online assessments give to hiring processes, many companies, big and small, already adopted this technology and became part of the biggest recruitment trend we have in this century.

Hiring Process Automation using Online Assessment
Today, some companies are still using the old and traditional hiring processes. However, as businesses expand, these processes are becoming lengthy and hard to manage. As a result, companies hire more recruiters in the HR department, which means more cost. If the companies opt out from adding more recruiters, some would feel overwork because of their busy schedule and tiring responsibilities.

In return, these people might lose the opportunity to balance their work and life, and they might underperform in the company’s hiring processes. In addition, the old, traditional, and lengthy hiring process requires companies to have more time in recruitment, which might leave the workforce with potential missing vital positions.This could affect the company as these missing positions might reflect in the overall performance of a team.

So, what should be the best and game-changing move of different companies and organizations? They should choose to have online assessments of prospective candidates, and luckily, making these online assessments are not that complicated. A recruiter does not need to have a degree in Information Technology or web content to make these kids of assessments. Basically, he or she just needs access to the Internet, a set of questions, and the specific medium to be used for the assessment.

For example, if the recruiter opt for sending the assessment through Email, then it is like sending an email with the set of questions in it – plain and simple. If the recruiter opt for making the assessment through an external website link that will redirect the candidates to the exam, then the questions and an outsourced external web services are the only things needed to put up the online assessment. The only advantage of the latter is that most companies that offer external web services already include checking of the exams (multiple choice exams for example)and can quickly send results to the recruiter.

Furthermore, aside from the fact that many companies are already following this technological trend, there are also other multitude of reasons why online assessments are very desirable in the recruitment department of every company.First, as stated earlier, having online assessments can cut costs of the companies. Since companies do not need to add people in the recruitment department because of the shortened hiring process, their costs for people’s salaries can be lessened.

Online Hiring Process using Online Assessment



Secondly, online assessments cut the lengthy hiring process. Because of these assessments, recruiters do not need to call the candidates, do an initial interview, and facilitate an exam, which in return can save their time to do other tasks in the HR department.


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Lastly, online assessments can also save time of the candidates as they don’t need to travel many times that require a lot of effort, time, and money. It would also be a very frustrating circumstance if the candidate has already put too much effort on the application but would end up not getting the job.

Online assessments such as programming tests, voice based assessments and video based assessments. Programming tests are especially developed for assessing developers before hiring them. With the help of the programming tests, the candidates can write, compile and run the programs before submission. These program codes can be automatically evaluated by the system.

The voice based assessments are created to simplify the process of conducting oral or viva exams in an online mode. The voice based assessments allow the candidates to record the answers which are later listened to by the examiners for evaluation. Similarly, the video based assessments are created to allow the candidates to record a video footage of them while answering the questions.

Such video based assessments can be evaluated by reviewing the video recordings later by the examiners. Such exams help the interviewers to gauge the candidates for various skills such as communication skills, confidence, body language, etc.

Overall, technology is definitely making a lot of things easier to humans. In business, it does not only develop the external communication and services of a company but also its other vital internal practices like the recruitment processes. Cutting costs, time, and effort while still finding the right candidates is undeniably a great progressive path for every company, whether it is a multi-million company or a startup one.


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