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The early teenage life is full of innocence. We tend to accept things readily. When I was an early teenager, I was very much fascinated by a serial that used to come on Door-darshan, ‘Shaktimaan: The Indian Super Hero’. It kept me glued to the screen for an entire hour. The characters; the so called ‘super-power’ stunts; the twist and turns, it just used to mesmerize me. But as and when I started acquiring

Courses of Journalism,Courses of TV Broadcasting, Courses of Film Industry
Courses of Journalism,Courses of TV Broadcasting, Courses of Film Industry

knowledge, the picture behind the screen became clearer and clearer. The fact that there is a herculean process and its management that runs at the backstage to make any such serial a success is as close as an ‘Innovative Concept’ to look out for. And who knew today this will flourish as a career well adopted by none other than but our very own ‘Gennext’.


The Film and Television Institute of India, was the first institute in India that provided courses in Film Making, Television production etc. It saw the success of many of its alumni like Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Sanjay leela bhansali, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Mukesh Khanna and many others who are currently the ‘Ratnas’ of the film and television industry. Many such institutes later on flourished to provide similar courses that saw the advent of a wave of channels and slowly and steadily a revolutionary ‘Power-holding’ by the Mass Media in the life of an ‘Aam Admi’.

OK…a lot of talk on the jargons like TV Production etc, lets come to the core as to what do they really exhibit? TV production is all about production of television serials, films, video production, digital video and lighting, designing live TV production, editing and managing the economics of TV productions. One has to be a graduate in any discipline to enroll for this course. The course gives you competency in TV Production Process, Digital Editing, Film and TV Graphics, Audio and Video Engineering etc. One can work as an independent producer, an executive producer or start out as a personal assistant to a TV producer. Several TV channels like ZEE, SONY, NDTV, STAR PLUS, ETV, provide job opportunities to deserving individuals to work as executive producers, on line producers, production designers etc.

A similar course of interest is the ‘Broadcast Journalism’. Broadcast journalism is the field of news and journals which are “broadcast”, that is, published by electrical methods, instead of the older methods, such as printed newspapers and posters. The various medium includes radio, television and the internet. It deals with the complexity of Who, what, when, where and how aspects of presentation of any news through any medium. Though still today television holds its dominance however the internet and specially the radio has seen the future coming closer. With a plethora of news channels a great career opportunity lies to grab in this field too.

PG Diploma in Television Technology
Television Technology

So next time when you here, “Welcome toooo…Comedy Circus ka Maha Muqabla”, by a gorgeous anchor or Anu Malik saying, “Entertainment shuru kiya jaaye…” or “The Top headlines of the hour are…” by an attractive lady in a stylish way or Akshara saying to Naitik (with a hint of shyness) “ Schodona koi dekhlega… ” in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, remember it is the result of the huge effort that is put into by the Stalwarts of TV Production and the soon to be famous…YOU!


Article Written by : Javed Palanawala


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DES Institute of Film and Television