Digital Marketing technique in Education

Accreditation has become a ‘thumb rule’ or trend-setting process for colleges in India.

Being in a technology-driven era, every institute needs to be abreast with technology and thus offer the best solutions for imparting knowledge and convenience to the students. Apart from interactive online learning, Online Admission System and online examination system, colleges are opting for digital library facility, 24*7 student support center among others.

Education Technology for Accreditation online admission system and Online Examination System
Education Technology for Accreditation

In India with an aim to establish an education system that conforms to international standards, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)  focuses on acknowledging institutes which have better and improved teaching methods, resources, faculties and infrastructure.

NAAC has different criterion-wise weightages for accreditation which includes Infrastructure & Learning Resources as a major criterion. The infrastructural facilities including learning resources like computers, online library and constant student support is possible only through technology. These facilities help the institutes to get NAAC accreditation faster.

Apart from NAAC, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) regulates all the technical education institutes like (IITs, IIMs, IISCs, IISERs, NITs). It is compulsory for the institutions to be recognized by appropriate national level statutory bodies, which are established by the Government of India for compliance to different quality standards.

Why Should an Institute be Techno-driven?

An institute that has technologically advanced teaching methods will have higher chances of getting an accreditation. In fact in order to achieve a better rate of accreditation, it is necessary to include an educational system that speaks of classroom sessions that include PowerPoint presentations, computer aided learning systems or tutors and infrastructure that makes it convenient to record notes (iPads and Smartphones). Less reliance on the manual system can actually pave way for a system that is techno-savvy.

From the attendance to annual festivals of the college, every activity can be made tech-friendly. The Bio-Metric systems serve as a smart way for marking the attendance of students in place of the old redundant practices of pen and paper. The technology driven practices are not only user-friendly, but smart and time saving too. The entry and exit of every individual in the campus can be monitored using CCTVs. This in turn will help avoid any untoward incident taking place in the premise.

Gone are the days when library used to mean only a place with books, journals and newspapers for education. What increases the chances in getting an accreditation of Grade A is transforming the system into a more productive and interesting place. Unlike the bit boring environment of a usual library the new ones are those that include PCs, laptops to include all the reference materials online and make it more accessible for the students.

Getting a ‘Grade A’ or ‘Grade B’ will not be an easy task. It will definitely call for precise planning, budgeting, resources and investment to make an institute that of a world-class. However, with adoption of technology it is possible to go ahead and be the preferred institute of students.

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