Manufacturing sector of any country plays a major role in its economic growth. Though the economic rise in Indian growth is majorly because of the IT sector but still manufacturing has a huge contribution towards this development.

According to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – ASCON survey, 41 out of 121 sectors in the manufacturing industry are estimated to grow at 20 per cent or more in 2010-11 as against 34 sectors that had reported such growth during 2009-10; the top performers being air conditioners, tractors, fertilizers, construction equipment, tires, et al.

India has emerged as one of the world’s top ten countries in industrial production as per UNIDO’s new report titled ‘Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2010’.Seeing this growth many outside companies are collaborating with SME’s in India. Design outsourcing contracts are sweeping into numerous industries. U.S. producers of everything from machine tools and farm equipment to heavy-duty power generators are rushing work to India as well. In Detroit,

Plant Equipment, Boiler Plant Designs Courses
Plant Equipment, Boiler Plant Designs Courses

economics is driving the move to India, which has an abundance of engineers and design outfits that charge less than $15 an hour for their services. And advanced, interactive design technologies are becoming simpler and less expensive.


With these types of opportunities coming to India, the segment which is getting a heavy boost is the design and engineering segment. With the advancement of the technology, piping design is one of the fields which are getting a lot of attention. People aspiring for a challenging and interesting career with a potential to growth are opting for this career. It requires out of box thinking and a lot of logical aptitude. Due to increase in job opportunities job seekers are welcoming people with these traits.


With the mammoth development and growth in each sector of India, the need for efficient pipeline designers is increasing tremendously. Some questions arise in our minds. What do these pipelining designers do? Why are they needed? Well not going further in accentuating your mind. Let’s see what is pipelining designer composed of and how his composition is benefited to the growth of India in any segment.

A pipeline designer is well sculpted with knowledge, technology and an innovative mind. They are well equipped with various tools like CAD, CAE, Conversion tools which eases the physical work. Times have changed and with the advancement in technology these tools are indeed an empowerment to the new generation.  There are many training institutes which are proficient in the art of carving these designers/engineers.

Manufacturing Career Courses
Manufacturing Career Courses


With this fast-paced growth in manufacturing sector where do you find yourself lacking, what is holding you back to be a part of this growth? Why be a spectator when you have all the tools to become a superb player.



Compiled by : Parampreet Saluja