What do you need to do for a great career? A fat pay cheque? A challenging position? Interesting work? Job satisfaction? The answer to all these questions is constant update of one’s knowledge. And part-time courses are the way to go forward to achieve all these. The benefits of full-time education is always there but if you are a student or a working professional, part-time courses can complement your existing education and make yourself industry-ready.

The simple and most obvious reason to go for part-time courses is that you don’t have to leave your school, college or your job. You can continue with what you are doing and at the same time study a latest technology or a personality development program. Part-time courses can make you an expert in the technology you are already working in because you get hands on practice on the practical as well as the theoretical aspects by an industry expert, which sometimes you don’t get to learn in a repetitive working environment. It also gives you the most coveted certification and gives you the opportunity to raise your bar before you plan to sit for the next interview. It can greatly help in the placement process if you are a student. There are many personality development courses which will make you confident in your next client meeting or official presentation that you are supposed to give.

Professional and Part Time Courses
Professional and Part Time Courses

1. Part Time MBA : Today, MBA is the most sought after degree. It gives you an entry to the corporate world. But if you are working somewhere the best thing to do is to go for a part-time MBA or Part time Professional Courses. A part-time MBA will let you experiment with the theoretical concepts in the current job that you are in. You can practically visualize – how marketing team works, challenges faced by your manager, how corporate decisions are taken; every concept learnt in the classroom can be experienced in a manner which is indispensable for you to grow. The other most distinct advantage of a part-time MBA is you can also climb up the ladder in your current organization. Most organizations do believe in succession planning and if you can show what you’ve learned you’d be in the reckoning for the next promotion.


2. Professional Certification:

In today’s world knowledge of organizational standards like ISO, BS 7799, CMM,CMMI, Six Sigma would provide great opportunity for you to climb organization Ladder. Certification Courses related to Lean Six Sigma can take your knowledge to the next level. This certification is useful for the person looking to make career in Process Consultant, Quality Consultant.

3. Project Management Certification : Project management involves many complex organizational processes and you need to have good

PMP Centification
PMP Centification

knowledge of Project Management processes and handson  if you are looking to get promoted to Project Management level. Even for the MBA students it is recommended to go for PMP Certification which can act as an add on to their profile. Such certification is useful for the person with prior work experience and looking to make career in Project Management Vertical.


In conclusion, part-time education is a great way to build your career. Its inexpensive, you can do it at your own convenient time and most importantly it will take you on the path of a successful career. A career probably you are dreaming right now.


Article written by : Tonmoy Bhaumik