Introduction of Online Education Marketplace

Introduction of Online Education Marketplace

Harward Business School, University of Stanford, UK based schools have innovative programs for working executives. It becomes easier for the working professionals to join evening or weekend classes and fulfill the aspiration to be an MBA graduate with quality education while continuing with the job. Getting education from reputed institute with qualified degree is the main attraction for such course. Many professionals are getting trained with such programs.

Indian professionals are also looking for such opportunities in India. Many Top B Schools have started such executive MBA programs but still in terms of scale and reach it is in the primitive stages. Majority of the top B Schools are located only in 5 to 7 metro  cities of India. Indian professional outside those cities are looking for continuation of their education from reputed institutes.

How can such gap be resolved:

  1. Use Of Technology : Usage of innovative technology of eLearning, Student interaction /communication mechanism would help to reach out targeted students for such course.
  2. Flexibility in Course Completion: In the countries like USA, UK there is provision for the candidate to complete educational course with flexibility. Student can opt for break from education after completion of say first semester and can continue other semesters after certain gap.

In case of India, such courses are very limited and students find it difficult to complete course without flexibility. But such trend is going to increase in the coming days.

3.      Improvement in faculty and student communication:  Using some innovative ways of technology this communication can be enhanced. Online Admission Platform Online Admission Platform is an award winning Online Marketplace for Education currently used by 100+ Institutes, universities, schools, publishers across India. Institute can register on as marketplace, define courses and start collecting online applications and payments instantly along with selling online assessments, digital educational contents. provides seamless integration with your website and other systems of your Institute. Register on today.

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