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Changing Face of Higher education In India

Higher education in India is provided mainly in the colleges and universities. India has over 1000 higher education institutes which include central universities, state universities, deemed universities, private universities, institutes under State Legislature Act, institutes of National importance, etc.

The higher education in India primarily provides degree courses for Graduation, Post graduation and Ph.D. Many other part time or full time courses, certification courses, short or long term courses, etc. are provided by these higher education institutes.
The India Ministry of Education has also put forth some standards such as National Education Policy (NEP) and National Assessment and Accreditation (NAAC) to ensure that the quality and applicability of the knowledge provided by these higher educational institutes are maintained.

In spite of all these measures taken by the Indian government, the rate of higher education in India is very low. Only 3%-5% of graduates go ahead to pursue higher education. This rate is very low for a country like India which is populous and in a developing state.

Thus, the Government is trying to increase this rate by allowing foreign universities to enter into the Indian education space. It would definitely enhance the quality of higher education in India. It would lead to more competition and better quality of student output from higher education institutes.

Better infrastructure, usage of IT in education, providing transparent admission process can help to improve quality of the higher education application rates. India requires many more institutes like IIM, IISC, and IITs to bridge the gap of higher education enrolment. Existing institutes should come up with better infrastructure, innovative and collaborative learning ways to increase interest of the student.

Changes in higher education as per National Education Policy 2020

Higher education policy 2020

The new draft of NEP was drafted on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. There were some revolutionary changes made in the policies.

The government aims to increase the GDP from 4.4% to 6% in the coming year through different reforms and strategies. It aims to raise the GER from 26.3% (2018) to 50% by 2035 in the higher education sector.

The changes drafted by the Education Ministry as a part of NEP 2020 are as follows:

The government has set up a supreme body to regulate higher education called as Higher Education Commission of India (HECI).

To attain curriculum flexibility, single disciplinary universities will be established alongside multidisciplinary universities of education and research (MERUs) and a National Research Foundation.

Graded autonomy will be granted to the universities in next 15 years.
Emphasis is provided on digitalization of higher education and distance or open learning systems to boost GER.

Professional courses will also be introduced to provide knowledge as per the industry requirements. This will help to increase the employability of the students.

Students who are willing to pursue higher education will be provided scholarships to support them financially.

Such a holistic and multidisciplinary approach will be created to encourage research and development activities. Thus so many positive changes will certainly not only help to improve the quality of higher education but also boost the GDP of the country.

Hence, these changes will help to create a brighter future for both the future generations as well as the country.


Use of technology in Education

Use of technology in education

College and universities are places where young students study and participate in social events and activities. This leads to a lot of human interaction and contact.

In today’s world where social distancing has become inevitable, taking some strict steps to shut down colleges and universities has become extremely crucial.

But it is also necessary to carry out the learning activities with the same pace as before. Thus, the technology is proving very beneficial in carrying out learning activities while maintaining social distancing.

Technology is being used in many different innovative ways to carry out teaching-learning activities. Online education or remote learning is one of the most useful ways of introducing technology in education.

Conducting live classes and online examinations has become the new normal. The higher education institutions are adopting different online learning platforms or tools to conduct classes and examinations in an online mode.

These platforms are developed using advanced and innovative technology such as Artificial Intelligence which not only help to conduct online classes and exams in a seamless manner but also provide truly reasonable solutions to address every issue or expectation from the management side.

Another excellent advantage of Education Technology is its accessibility. The students belonging to any part in the world can pursue higher education in online mode. They do not need to travel for joining the college or university.

This has helped the higher education to reach even the most secluded places. They students are now able to pursue education in the college of their choice. Even the students belonging to the remotest rural area can use an internet based device to connect to the internet and start taking up the courses or attending the online classes.

As the exams are also conducted online, the students have received the freedom to learn and study at their own pace to acquire good knowledge and degree certificates in the same online mode.

Thus, even during such trying times, Education technology has certainly helped the educational entities such as students, parents, faculty and management to recommence the learning activities with same enthusiasm and interest.

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