Anant is working professional in the multinational company. He has completed is an Engineering and joined the company soon after the Engineering course was complete.

After working for around 4 years he realized that in order to grow professionally, on the personal front or to acquire certain competencies he needs to continue his education. He needs to keep upgrading his knowledge and acquire new skills.

He was unable to continue his PG due to financial condition. But after completion of 4 years in the professional world, Anant is dreaming to fulfil that dream of pursuing MBA.

Today the world is digitizing. A lot of innovation has happened and thanks to technology, penetration and advancement there are options for pursuing higher education with the help of Distance Education.

Professionals like Anant can easily fulfil the dream of pursuing MBA by doing some innovative sector specific course which can help him in promotion and achieving certain competencies. Thus, distance education is an excellent option for Anant as he wishes to balance his work with education.

Major advantage of Distance Education is flexibility as study, exam time table and the curriculum is flexible. The candidates can have the liberty of studying at their own pace, liberty of deciding the syllabus for the exam and giving the exam on the day of their choice.

With advancement in technology most of the queries can be solved over online journals, online discussion with teachers. Activities such as group discussion, collaborative assignments, etc can be conducted in online mode.

Technology has helped us to create many softwares which are advanced and functional in many different ways. Online examination platform being one of such innovation, it is helping the educational institutions to conduct exams – both written and oral, in an online manner.

This feature of online exam conduction is very crucial as the candidates pursuing distance education would be able to appear for these exams from any location they would prefer. The timing of the exam can be manages=d as per the time zone of that particular geographical area.

Another aspect of distance education is that the topics or subjects which are available for the study. The institutes providing distance education have a plethora of different courses to offer the students. Distance Education in MBA can provide many new topics for study including wealth management, piping designproject management and Energy management.

In terms of cost as well it provides better return on investment for education. Distance education is cost effective as compared to full time programs. Professionals need not have to leave existing job but can study over weekends to complete MBA education.

The costs invested on providing classrooms, faculty while conducting classes and invigilators while conducting examinations are eliminated due to the adoption of technologically advanced online platforms.

Also, the time and energy spent on travelling by the students and teachers is saved which could be used to carry out the teaching-learning activities in a much better way.

Thus, the professionals must consider the option of Distance Education if they want to pursue higher education, to find better career prospects without having to give up their current job.