Digital Education

Higher education in India continues to remain a dream for many students. But with an initiative like digital India, the Human Resource Development Ministry is promoting online education to enable greater access to higher education to the masses in India.

Digital Education

Top institutes in the country both in the public and private sector have agreed to join hands with the Human Resources Development Ministry to formulate a cohesive structure and policy for online education system for University Grants Commission.

Many regulators still shy away from accepting an online higher education qualification, a trend contrary to the United States of America.The Human Resource Development Ministry strongly holds the opinion of expanding the current online education scenario considering the rapid digitalization of the country in every other sector, especially in banking.

The HRD Ministry is actively pushing for massive open online courses and is already getting a lot of work done with IITs and IIMs. The UCG has handed over the market-analysis, demands, and failures if any of the business and study model to the best educational institutes in the country.

Sources also mentioned about the plans of linking Adhaar card or unique identification number with the online education policy for student verification and later connecting it with the national academic depository.

Educational institutes are also currently encouraged to showcase their best skills by developing suitable apps, platforms, education model for the massive open online course in harmony with the Digital India initiative.

How Online Education Can Be Helpful For The Masses?

Online Education has proven to be beneficial in the recent times. It can be taken by both full-time students and by the working-class people. Utilization of higher education online courses by the students will develop and broaden the current climate of the online education system and will grow its demand generating more revenue.

Needless to say, it will also refine the already working professionals with further development of their skills and streamlining of the knowledge. This will aid the industry the professionals are associated with in spawning huge profits and better deals.

Current Scenario

The present outline of higher education system in India is quite unfortunate where only a mere 24% of the total population eligible for higher education are able to enrol themselves in such courses. And the condition of women higher education is even worse where parents are not inclined towards funding their higher education for marriage purpose.

Currently, there are almost 30million students, 779 universities, 39,701 colleges, and 11,923 educational institutions which are not sufficient to suffice the requirement of such a massive number of students.

There is hope that with the advancement of digital education in India, more and more students will be able to access a quality education without compromising the finances.

The government is focusing keenly on the development of online educational policies for the ease of access to the students. MOOCS will be later integrated with other educational policies in the country formulated by K. Kasturirangan Committee.

Online Education Courses

The bright initiative taken by HRD Ministry in association with IITs, IIMs and other top universities of the country in order to formulate such policies will also accustom the leaders and ministers associated in the education department with the digital initiatives taken by HRD Ministry.

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