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The traditional approach to measuring a person’s level of knowledge in a topic has been the examination. These days there is often more emphasis on internal assessments, which may consist of assignments and projects given out by the teacher/ instructor and then marked or assessed by the same person.

Online Test Series is an online assessment tool which will help students to evaluate their preparedness for the final exams.

How online test series works?

Online test series are mock tests or practises that the entrant chooses to give in order to decide on the preparation of his/her studies.

Online test series works mostly in the form of MCQs( Multiple Choice Questions), where all the candidate has to do is select the right option from the given 4/5 options.

The candidate has to enter and select all the valid details asked for, and then give the examination.

Below Video, explains in details about the complete working of the Online Test Series.


Online Tests can be conducted effectively in a secure online environment in a proctored computer lab or assigned as paper based or online “take home” exams.

What is online test series?

An online test series is the mock test or practice test that is taken up by candidates as a part of studying.
Taking up such mock tests, helps them decide on the further study plan; meaning, it helps them analyse how much study they have done and how much more needs to be done.

They have been replaced by virtual tests and mocks. The new methods to test a person’s knowledge is by testing him through the online test series.

Online Test Series is an online assessment tool which will help students to evaluate their preparedness for the final exams.

They are the mock exams or say ‘Practice tests’ that help the students to analyse their study and how much more or less they need to focus on working on the subjects.

Online Test Series is a set of mock exams that are conducted virtually instead of manually.
These set of examinations is taken up to build in the confidence of the candidate to appear for the actual examination.

These examinations are designed such that they are extremely user-friendly and can be taken from any place.
Meaning, a person can have access to the online test series with the means of the internet from any corner of any city.

How to define online test series based on the difficulty level or topics


Online test series is a media for disseminating and conducting tests, thus maintaining a uniform pattern for all the examinees throughout the organization. The task of maintaining the record of scores and the tests for which a particular candidate has appeared is done by the portal. The progress reports can be printed at any point of time by just providing the necessary details of a candidate.

This tool can also be used by faculty members to create question papers. They can provide a question bank consisting of questions of varied difficulty levels. The same can be put to use in corporate organizations and universities or colleges. The internet creates opportunities for making examinations both more reliable and cheaper than they are already.

While defining question bank each question can be graded on difficulty level scale 1 to 5 with 1 as easy question and 5 as most difficulty. When you define test paper initial mock papers can have only questions with difficulty level of 1 or 2. It can help to increase confidence level of the candidate. Difficulty level can be gradually increased. Eklavvya supports this approach so that you can define your test series easily.


How to simplify online test series?

Online test series are taken up by those students who have signed up for the various competitive exams out there.
Like the exams, the test series too can be hard for the candidates to appear for.
But to simplify the same for the entrants, the test series can be distinguished or defined under the criteria of the difficulty level of them.

This will enable the examinee to give the exam according to his or her level of preparedness for the exam.

Online test series are categorized with various different aspects into consideration.
Lets us have a look at the aspect of difficulty level. Online test series can be distinguished by setting the difficulty level of it.

The benefits of Online test series are majorly that they are not only virtual but also can be accessed by the candidate from any location he/she wishes to.

The main advantage that online test series gives people is that:

  • Online Test Series can be conducted based on chapters, topics or difficulty level.  Even combination of two or more topics can be made while conducting Online Tests.
  • Online Test Series can generate comprehensive comparative analysis like rank, percentile, score, section-wise performance analysis etc.
  • It also gives invaluable practice with high quality questions.
  • Online Test Series helps students to get graphical analysis of his/her progress and cumulative score card. This technology based exam pattern facilitates students to march ahead towards final exams with confidence and assists institutions to deal with the complicated issue of exam conducting without any stress.

Online Examination Platform

National School of Banking has developed online test series for the banking exam aspirants specific to exam type like SBI Main PO/LIC AAO/RBI Grade B officer. Each exam has different difficulty level based on selection criteria. Such test series is helping candidates to practice banking exam mock test papers with increasing difficulty levels.


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