Online Exam Steps

We believe that education is a life-time event and every human is a student who must be assessed for his learning. Internet is the biggest revolution for human welfare. Today in this era of online shopping, online tickets booking, why should education stay aside?

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Online Assessment of Students- A step towards the change..

Online assessment is the process used to measure certain aspects of information for a set purpose where the assessment is delivered via a computer connected to a network. Most often the assessment is some type of educational test. Different types of online assessments contain elements of one or more of the following components, depending on the assessment’s purpose: formative, diagnostic, or summative.

An average student faces approximately 60-70 exams in his lifetime. For every exam there is a tension about syllabus, study, understanding of subject which is accompanied by the tension of paper presentation, handwriting, punctuation which is irrespective of knowledge of the person. Online assessment cuts all these unnecessary efforts and takes only what is needed from you..


Result is the most important part of any assessment. Many times a student knows everything, writes everything but due to some human errors things go wrong and what comes out is highly unpredictable. In online assessment the result is more exact.

Also the results obtained in online assessment are instant and detailed.

The location for the online exam can be decided by the students and they don’t need to rush to any other place or city for their assessment hence gives bonus time for study. Unlike normal exams, the date and time of assessment can be decided by the students according to their convenience.

Internet has become the fourth basic need and it is compulsory for a student to be computer friendly. Online assessment serves both the purposes- education of the subject and the computer. Students don’t need to enroll for any extra computer classes.

Online Exam Steps
Online Exam Steps

Most of the times the type of questions in online assessment are MSQ ( multiple choice questions) and are highly unpredictable which also helps in preventing academic dishonesty or cheating as spontaneous questions need spontaneous answers. Also different assessment questions can be given to different student at the same time. It also helps students in time management and situation handling and makes their thought process faster.

Last but not the least, many trees are cut down to get a sheet of paper and we use thousands of them for a single exam. Lot of wealth and time is spent on printing. And the whole world is learning to travel towards paperless Earth then why shouldn’t learning itself be paper free? So Go Green Go Online

Let’s take a step towards the change – step towards Online Assessment.



About Eklavvya
 is an Online Examination Platform used by many universities, Professional Training Institutes, Colleges to manage their Entrance Exams, internal assessments of the students. Currently more than 100,000 exams have been conducted on this platform. It is cloud based platform with autoscale facility to manage examinations of any scale.





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Ninad Panse

-CEO DSK International Campus Pune helped us to enhance our examination process. Students are able to appear for the online exam without any difficulty and results are generated instantly. Eklavvya has helped us to save cost of conducting entrance examinations