Advantages of doing MBA during Recession Period

Recession is hitting across the world, even when there is liquidity crunch in the world. In this globalized world Indian business environment is always going to get affected negatively in terms of growth.

As per recent reports, Indian GDP growth in the last quarter was reportedly around 5% which is down compared to 8 to 9% in the last decade period. So instead of looking for better job opportunities this seems to be right time to go back to School to fine tune your skill sets.

Here are some of the key points about doing MBA during Recession period:

If you are fresh Graduate and looking for job or you are fired from your organization due to recession then options available in terms of job opportunities are limited for you. It is definitely not bad option to stop looking for promotion opportunities within organization and start focusing on your education to fine tune your skill sets.

If you are going for executive MBA or Full Time MBA then during recession period you will need to forgo your salary (if you are working professional). But during recession period as opportunities are limited going for higher education would turn out to be perfect option to take your career to the next level.

2. Networking with other MBA Students

If you have opted for Full Time or Part Time MBA then there is great opportunity to network with other MBA students, Generally MBA class has students coming from different background like Commerce, Arts, Engineering, Bio Medical etc . Networking with those students will help you to broaden your point of view about handling certain business situations and it will also help you to improve your interpersonal skills.

So instead of worrying about opportunities in the job market you can enjoy your time by going back to school and explore more options and widen your skill set.

3. Building Profile for Future

Even though there is recession, generally there is cycle of uptime and downtime. While you are finishing your MBA there are good chances that market will tune positive and there will be more options for you to explore in your existing organization for career advancements.

4. Taking Sabbatical from Existing Organization

Many organizations have sabbatical leave policy where you can opt for higher education and join back to your organization after completion of your MBA. This option is certainly good option if you are too much worried about future prospects. Taking sabbatical leave will ease out pressure of expectations from your mind and you can freely enjoy your time in the B School.

Pursuing MBA during recession is indeed very advantageous. It can not only help you to grow professionally but also develop your personality in a better way.

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