5 effective ways to reduce time during answer sheet evaluation process

Do you know examiners or teachers spend a huge amount of time in the evaluation of answer sheets during their careers?


Digital evaluation of answer sheet is getting adopted across education institutes and universities. There are many advantages associated with it. 


Here are 5 ways to reduce the evaluation time of examiners using digital evaluation technology.

Blank Page Identification

Blank Page Identification with OnScreen Evaluation Process

Blank pages validation is one of the most time-consuming activity for the examiner or evaluator. Consider answer sheet has 20 pages and the student has written only on the first 12 pages of the answer sheet. In this case, the examiner needs to mark the remaining blank pages as per the standard process. It is a time-consuming process and adds more time to the evaluation process.


Digital answer sheet evaluation can simplify this time-consuming task by helping the examiner identify blank pages of the answer sheet.


Initially, when the examiner opts out to evaluate the answer sheets using OnScreen Evaluation system, the system would display the blank pages to the examiner which they can mark in bulk.

Blank page identification during onscreen evaluation process

Auto Total Calculation

Auto Total Calculations with OnScreen Evaluation Process

The OnScreen Evaluation System lets you automate the score calculation. 


Yes, that means you need not to scroll through the pages again and again. The system just picks the marks assigned to the particular question and sums the total up for you. 


Let’s consider a scenario where question paper has been set to the format where the candidate has to attempt any 4 questions out of the 7 questions and let’s say that the student has attempted 6 questions. Then, in such a case, the examiner needs to evaluate all 6 questions attempted by the student and identify and consider the top 4 scores out of the 6 questions attempted.


The manual process of results or total calculation is tediously time-consuming.

The onscreen evaluation process can help you to save significant time associated with the total calculation. 


The system takes into copes up easily with the defined exam pattern and based on a combination of exam pattern and the questions attempted by the students, a suitable score is considered while calculating the total marks obtained by the student.


It saves more than 30% of the time associated with the answer sheet evaluation process and above all, the accuracy associated with the results is also enhanced. 

Tablet-based Evaluation

Tablet-based Evaluation with OnScreen Evaluation System

With the digitalization, mobility has also become the key aspect that offers you the liberty to free yourself from a chalked pattern for getting the work done. 


Digital evaluation with OnScreen Evaluation System offers you the liberty to break free and align your work culture with digital sources. 


The system allows you to evaluate the answer sheets on the go with mobile devices such as Tablets. 


Examiners can easily and efficiently evaluate the set of answer sheets assigned to them while commuting. Physical handling of answer sheet is completely eliminated so that examiners could find it handy to evaluate digital copies of the answer sheets.


The mobility factor certainly cuts off the paper handling and eliminates the excess amount of time that traditional evaluation methods would take.

Examiner Pool and Auto Assignment

Examiner Pool and Auto Assignment with OnScreen Evaluation System

For large scale exams, there are lacs of answer sheets to be evaluated. Manually assigning examiners for a bunch of answer sheets is a herculean task. Someone always has to keep an eye on the answer sheet evaluation activity and examiner assignment process. 


With the help of technology, this can easily be simplified. With the OnScreen Evaluation Process, we can easily manage a set of examiners using the Examiner Pool Management feature. 


In this case, examiners are assigned for a pool of answer sheets. Each examiner would get a randomly selected set of answer sheets for the evaluation process.


There is a facility of reassignment as well in case if you wish to change examiners during the evaluation process. Examiner pool management and automatical assignment for the evaluation can save significant administration costs.


The identity of the student is hidden from the examiner. Since the system is assigning examiners for answer sheets in a random algorithmic way, the examiner would not be able to identify name, roll number of the student. It maintains security associated with student identity during the complete evaluation process.

5 ways to reduce answer sheet evaluation time

Examiner Identity Verification

Examiner Identity Verification with OnScreen Evaluation Process

Identity verification of examiners is very crucial if examiners are evaluating answer sheets from a location other than examination central hub. Digital evaluation with OnScreen Evaluation Process provides flexibility in terms of mobility. Examiners can evaluate answer sheets from any location using a tablet or computer device. 


Examiners’ identity can be verified using Remote Proctoring technology. In this case, the system captures a photo of the examiner who is evaluating digital answer sheets. It can be used to verify the identity of the user. 


There are various types of proctoring mechanisms which can be used to verify the identity of the examiners while they are evaluating the answer sheets. The system can keep on capturing pictures of the examiners after a specific interval of time in order to maintain integrity.


The digital evaluation of answer sheet is the need of the education sector. It can help in saving significant time associated with the answer sheet evaluation process. Examiners can save more than 60% of their time using OnScreen Evaluation technology. 


Our platform has been used for the evaluation of lacs of answer sheets in a digital manner. We have observed that examiners can save around 5 to 7 minutes of evaluation for each individual answer sheet evaluation. If the examiner is evaluating thousands of answer sheets then it adds up to significant saving. Entire result processing of the educational institution can be improved and results can be declared in record time.

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