Simplify Answer Sheet Moderation with Technology

Answer sheet checking is one of the huge administrative tasks for any education institute/ University. Examination process is conducted for theory exams where candidate need to write answers. Examiner collects those answer sheets and submits to authority for checking process.



Answer Sheet Evaluation Process is divided in following steps

1.     Answer Sheet checking by First Level Paper Checker

In this case physical answer sheet is checked by examiner/ paper checker. Paper check assigns marks for each answer sheet. 100% of all the answer sheets are checked. Manual process is needed to hide identify/ Roll No of the student whose paper is being checked.

Onscreen evaluation system can help to simplify this process as entire answer sheet is scanned and available for verification in software system. Examiner can login to the system and verify scanned answer sheets. System would also have following verification points

1.Max marks allotted: System would prevent users from assigning more marks than allotted marks

2.Entire Answer Sheet Navigation: System would ensure examiner has navigated entire answer sheet and has not missed any pages.

3.Automatic Score Calculation: Based on the exam pattern, sectionwise questions, optional questions and compulsory questions system would calculate total marks to be allotted. Examiner need not have to do this activity manually.

4.Audit Logging of Answer Sheet Evaluation

System would keep track on all the activities performed by the paper checker. When paper checker logs in system would audit geo location of the user along with login time.

When paper checker is navigating between various pages of answer sheet , system would log time taken to read each answer page, marks allotted, marks revised etc. System would be able to provide total time taken by the paper checker for checking answer sheets.

You can get analytics data of total time taken by paper checker, no of answer sheets  checked  by individual, avg time taken for each answer sheet evaluation etc.



Onscreen Evaluation System Process

2. First Level Moderation

After first round of evaluation of answer sheet is done there is step of second level moderation. Moderator may select 10 to 20% of the answer sheets evaluated by the paper checker in first stage. Those answer sheets are re-evalauted by the first level moderator.

If there is difference in the marks allotted by first level paper checker and moderator then final marks are decided according to rules and regulations defined by the institute.

Onscreen evaluation system allows to define such rules and helps to automate answer sheet verification along with result processing.


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Moderation Rules can be configured according to requirements in the onscreen Evaluation System


  • If Marks are in the range of say 28% to 34% and passing is 35% then assign 100% of those answer scripts for moderation.
  • If marks are above 90% then assign 50% of the answer scripts for moderation
  • If marks are in the range of 50% to 80% then assign 10% of the random answer sheets from it for moderation
  • If marks are in the range of 35% to 50% then assign 5% of the answer scripts for moderation

3.     Second Level Moderation

Second level moderation involves re checking of the answer sheets. In this case moderator may select upto 5% of the answer sheets evaluated by the first level moderator.

If there is difference in marks of first level and second level moderation then final marks calculation is done according to rules. In most of the cases  higher marks are considered.

4.     Recheck Request from the students

After declaration of the results if student is not happy with actual score for particular exam then individual student may request for re checking of the answer sheets.

In this case examiner can re evaluate answer sheet without taking into consideration of the marks allotted. If there is difference in rechecked marks and marks allotted then marks of the student may get changed.


Advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System

  • Entire process can be handled smoothly using software system.
  • Paper checker, moderator need not have to travel to particular location for handling physical copies of the answer sheet.
  • Overall process of answer sheet checking till result declaration can be completed in quick time
    • Result declaration process gets simplified and cost of the overall process can be reduced drastically.

Many education institutes and universities have started moving towards onscreen evaluation system and getting benefit of process simplification.


Onscreen Evaluation System (How to Check Answer sheet)


Splashgain has developed onscreen evaluation system which is useful to simplify answer sheet evaluation process. It can help to post examination result declaration process. Result processing can be done in quick time.

Here are some of the key features of the Onscreen Marking System.


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