Online Exam internet connectivity

An online examination process might be hard to manage due to the involvement of some critical steps. As this is a fairly new system, and people are unaware of it, some problems may arise.

These problems can be solved with the use of secure and best practices. Here are some challenges for managing an online exam:

1. Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity is still a huge problem in rural and remote areas. In the case of a concurrent number of exams, internet connectivity can be a huge challenge for the smooth flow and execution of the online exam.

Eklavvya has come up with a unique feature can help conduct exams in an offline/intranet environment. Exam results can be uploaded to a server from a local machine in a secure way. Eklavvya proctored exams are workable on internet speed of 0.1 MBPS as well.

Managing exam in the offline environment has many advantages:

(i) It helps to manage the exam without the need to worry about internet connectivity or internet speed.

(ii) Thousands of candidates can appear for the exam from remote locations by accessing different offline networks.

(iii) The entire exam audit log is maintained to identify manipulations or errors.

(iv) Entire exam data is encrypted at each step.

(v) It is a cost-effective mechanism to conduct large scale exams.

2. Question Bank Preparation

The quality of an online assessment or an online exam depends on the quality of the question bank and its accuracy. The exam administration should ensure that the question papers are set at a high standard and they are prepared by experts of the subject matter or syllabus.

Eklavvya has Question Bank Management feature where individual subject matter experts can log in to the system and design questions of their individual subjects or topics.

The exam administration can define examination parameters like Negative Marking, Total Exam Duration, The Total Number of Questions per subject area, Marking Scheme, etc.


4 Key Challenges to manage online exam

3. Communication with exam candidates

An online exam is conducted across multiple locations. It is essential that communication with remote candidates is conducted seamlessly to clarify any doubts or queries regarding any process. This will ensure the smooth execution of the exam.

Eklavvya has the facility to alert candidates about the exam schedule and login credentials. It is possible to communicate with them over email and SMS to convey information about the online examination process.


4. Online Exam Security

Online examination process security is one of the critical challenges. Proper authentication, authorization process should be followed to ensure that the right candidate is appearing for the exam in a secure environment without any malpractices.

The system should be able to audit the entire exam process to identify leaks or security lapses during the exam process.

Eklavvya platform has features that can help you to manage the security of the process.

(i) Remote Proctoring provides the facility of live streaming the video of remote candidates. The system can also take snapshots of the candidate to verify the identity of the person.

(ii) Secure Browser ensures that the candidate can not open any other window during the exam process. The system prevents the user from opening other windows during online exam activity.

(iii) Remote Proctoring also enables live chat with the candidate during the online exam to authorize the candidate appearing for the exam.