How to Attract Students to your InstituteHow to Attract Students to your Institute

Trend of Vocational Courses in India

Knowledge and application of skill in practical purpose are essential for the employability.  One of the major issue revolving in india is for practical skill based education and its standardization.

Govt is taking many initiative for vocational education and training (VET). It involves training related to practical skill, knowledge related to job profile  and making it process driven to prepare youth employable.

Around 54 per cent of India’s total population is below 25 years of age and over 62 per cent is in the working age-group of 15-59 years. Average population would be 29 years age around 2020.It is essential to provide youth of India proper skill sets to gain advantage of this demographic dividend. (Ref: Businessworld)


Skill India Campaign

Skill India Campaign
Skill India Campaign

India is in good position to train youth with required skill sets and provide man power to rest of the world along with Indian requirements. Training with consideration of future requirement would be the essence of skill India campaign.


In order to succeed in this campaign India would need domain knowledge of various sectors/ segments like hospitality, retail, travel, transport, machine repairing, electrical work. Assessment of those skills should be done in standard manner with the help of software technology.  In order to succeed in this initiative India requires investment in preparing domain knowledge of vocational training and continuously upgrade it according to needs of the industry. Currently in case of India only 2% of the total workforce is certified as skilled and rest of the 98% required  lot of attention to go to the next level.


Vocational Course Assessment Standardisation

Domain knowledge of all the vocational course should be standardized  with the help of experts. Assessment process should be certificate driven so that any youth taking vocational training should also receive certificate of it.

Usage of for Online Assessment

Online Assessment platform like can help to prepare the environment and  process to conduct assessment of the candidate undergoing vocational training. System supports domain specific question bank creation.

E.g. If you are looking to conduct assessment for telecom domain then domain expert can define and feed question bank based on difficulty level, skill level in the system along with assessment pattern. So all the users  can appear for the assessment to get certified in respective domain. Such certificate can be valid for certain period of time. This certificate can help the trainee to get the job in the industry.

Skilled Indian Youth for the Future
Skilled Indian Youth for the Future

Result analysis and certificate

When large no of trainees are going to appear for assessment it would generate huge data. Such data can be classified and analyzed based on demography, state, gender, age profile to get the idea of the vocational training . Such analysis would help to identify weak knowledge area or improvement aspects related to vocational training and assessment for the future

Online Assessment Analytics
Online Assessment Analytics

supports various analytics features to get detailed insights of the assessment process.

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Chief Officer of Maharashtra Education Society Group

Speaking about this experience Chief Officer of Maharashtra Education Society Group  Mr. Valsangkar has said “ ePravesh® has helped us to remove complexities of admission process, Entire process has become seamless. We are able to conduct entrance examination online with the help of and students/ parents are also happy about simplified process”