Top courses after 12th in 2023

Here is the summary of top Courses and Career Options after the 12th in 2023

You too must have gone through the conversion of choosing between the different types of career options out there. With the diverse options available it is pretty tricky and confusing to choose between those.

The core fields in the Education system are:

  1. Science
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts

The above specified are the fields out of which the candidates have to choose and then further decide their area of expertise.

What Courses After 12th for Science Stream?

Education options for Science stream after 12th or HSC


The exact translation of the word Science is “the systematized and detailed knowledge of anything”. The definition pretty much explains the meaning of the word. Science is basically the detailed and deep analytical study of any subject.

When one opts for Science there are multiple options laid out in front of him to choose from.


There are various short-term, and long-term diploma courses available in the areas of engineering, and vocational Courses. Even there are courses supported by ITI for various streams like fitter, turner, and electrician. Those courses are useful for students looking for practical knowledge along with job orientation.


It is one of the preferred streams for students who are looking forward to pursuing technology with an inclination for mathematics, science, and technology. Engineering has many streams. Following are some of the most popular streams of engineering

  • Computer/ IT  Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electronics Engineering

  • Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering


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1 B Sc Comp Science S P College Rs 360 Apply Online


Defining mathematics in a few words would not be sufficient since it is such a vast topic to talk about. But to be precise, Maths is the science of numbers. Studying and inlaying numbers is something a mathematician does.  


If you are thinking that ‘isn’t astrology all about wearing orange clothes and reading people’s palm lines?’ To answer your question, No it is not. The Astrology we are talking about is completely scientific. Astrology is the study of stars. The knowledge of how distant cosmetic objects have an effect on human lives. So if you were by any chance thinking that astrology is fake and unreal, you might just be mistaken because it is a specific science and it has deep meanings and studies behind it as well.


‘Physics is the natural science that studies matter and its motion and behavior through space and time and that studies the related entities of energy and force.’  Another meaning to Physics would be ‘the study of matter subject & the interaction between them. In simple terms, physics answers the questions about ‘why things work or are the way they work or are’.


Chemical physics is a subdiscipline of chemistry and physics that investigates physicochemical phenomena using techniques from atomic and molecular physics and condensed matter physics; it is the branch of physics that studies chemical processes from the point of view of physics. As we saw above, chemical physics answers ‘why do things react to what they react?’ Chemical Physics is a combination of two different sciences of Chemistry & Physics.


A science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo are chemistry. So by definition, chemistry is the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter. So, primarily, the study of the reaction of subjects and matters when they react or come into interaction with other subjects and matters is what is chemistry.


The study of the chemical substances and vital processes occurring in living organisms is called biological chemistry or Biochemistry. It is actually the study of chemical compound reactions in living beings. So you want to know what kinds of reactions take place in your body or any other body, Biochemistry is for you. Biochemistry is actually the blend of Biology & Chemistry.


Biology is the natural science that studies life and living organisms, including their physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, development, and evolution. Essentially, it studies living organisms, their functioning, and their systems deeply.


The profound knowledge of the history and the elements of our mother earth is what is called Geology. In Geology, the deep and integrated study of nature is done. Detailed analysis and attributes of the earth are done. The study of geology helps in predicting any upcoming natural phenomena if any.


Bedding down biotechnology means using living beings or the biology in nature to create or invent drugs and medicines. This technology makes sure to make optimum use of the elements in our environment to the core. The drugs, medicines, and remedies that we use are a byproduct of the components in our ecosystem.


The application of scientific knowledge for the utmost practical purposes is said to be Technology. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, and the like, or it can be embedded in machines to allow for operation without detailed knowledge of their workings. The main aim behind the technology is to reduce the effort of the human body. To be precise, anything that can reduce human effort can be said as technology.


Fundamentally, Microbiology is the study of micro-organisms, those being unicellular (single cell), multi-cellular (cell colony), or cellular (lacking cells). It is the study of all living organisms that are too small to be visible to the naked eye. This includes bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi, prions, protozoa, and algae, collectively known as ‘microbes’. Microbiology has rigged out to be of tremendous aid in the field of science. It has opened up newer options for further research in many fields.

Admission for Micro Biology


Medicine being the science and implementation of endowing the diagnosis, treatment, cure, and eventually, the prevention of the disease is the key to human survival. The study of medicine helps in determining a particular malady in the living being. Post diagnostics of the disease, the doctor then finds the treatment for the same. The main intention of the gizmo of medicines is the prevention of disease in the future.


It deals with the compounding and dispensing of fabricated drugs. Pharmacy is a profession relating to health, which combines health sciences with pharmaceutical sciences in order to make safe the intact, effectual & modest utilization of drugs. If you’re thinking what does a pharmacist do? The work of a pharmacist is to chaperon the fabrication & concoction of the medicines and the analysis of the virtue of the drugs it is delivered to patients via the pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Pharmaceutical Microbiology involves the study of microorganisms associated with the manufacture of pharmaceuticals e.g. minimizing the number of microorganisms in a process environment, excluding microorganisms and microbial by-products like exotoxin and endotoxin from water and other starting materials, and ensuring the finished pharmaceutical product is sterile.

Other aspects of pharmaceutical microbiology include the research and development of anti-infective agents, the use of microorganisms to detect mutagenic and carcinogenic activity in prospective drugs, and the use of microorganisms in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products like insulin and human growth hormone.

Bottom line, pharmaceutical microbiology is the blend of pharmacy and microbiology that has come up with a perfect end result for the prosperity of morality.  

Let’s check the best Courses for commerce after 12th

Education options for Commerce stream after 12th or HSC

The literal meaning of commerce would be – the exchange of goods and services on a large scale. Anything that is related to money or the exchange of services for money is commerce. There are various options when one is to choose commerce.


BCom or Bachelor in Commerce as they call it is the most basic and common degree when it comes to commerce. There are multiple other professional courses that one can do alongside the degree course, for eg. : CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), ICWA (Institute of Cost and Works Accountants), etc. Apart from the professional courses, one can also go for specialization in any one or two particular subjects from their BCom syllabus; like Economics, Accounting, etc.

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2 BBA in Computer Applications Rs 500 Apply Online
3 B Com Rs 500 Apply Online
4 BBA in Financial Services Rs 500 Apply Online
5 B Com (MMCC PUNE) Rs 100 Apply Online
6 B.Com (Hons) – CMA Integrated Rs 500 Apply Online
6 BBA – MMCC Pune Rs 100 Apply Online
7 BBA – S P College Pune Rs 360 Apply Online


Bachelor in Business Administration is something we can say is for someone who is interested in doing and handling business. This course is for students who have good managerial skills. The course mainly includes basic business studies and advanced ones with specific focuses as well. There are various alternatives to BBA are:

   *Operations Team Leader,  

   *Project Manager,

  *SAP (Solution Application Product) Consultant,

  *Business Development Executive,

  *HR (Human Resource) Manager.

The student can choose from the above-mentioned fields according to their preference and liking.


Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) – The LL.B. is the most common law degree offered and conferred by Indian universities which has a duration of three years. Today, many Indian universities offer five-year integrated LL.B. courses similar to that of the National Law Schools of India while others continue to offer a traditional three-year course. Both integrated and traditional types of law degrees are recognized by the Bar Council of India for qualifying for enrollment to the Bar.


BBS or Bachelor in Business Studies is an undergraduate commerce course of three years. The syllabus of the course involves the study of accountancy, finance, marketing, organizational skills, and economics. The course is for those who have their sole interest in the business. In the course, they get to study and learn about the knacks and tactics of business. So if you by any chance have an interest in business, you can always go for BBS.


MBA means Master of Business Administration. You can say that the course is an advanced version of the BBA course. The subjects and content of the entire syllabus are completely an extension of the ones in BBA. There are various fields from which one has to choose but the core two types are:

  1. General MBA
  2. Specialized MBA

The difference between the both is that the General MBA has the study of all the subjects in a more highlighted manner; whereas, the specialized MBA course has the study in depth of each and every aspect of the business.  

Let’s check the best Courses for Arts after 12th

Education Courses for Arts stream after 12th or HSC

Anything that is not related to science or commerce is the arts. In case one has a preference towards his hobby or anything extracurricular, then he can choose that as his whole and sole career.  The enlistment of all of the branches of arts is not easy, but let’s have a look at some popular them.


Journalism refers to communicating the people with the right information at the right time. The news and the current happening around the public need to be provided to them accurately. It is a type of correspondence, like a one-way message from the journalist to the audience. So if you think you can give accurate information to the people around you, then journalism is for you.


A person who has some kind of unique art within him is said to be an artist. Every individual is different, every person has his own different form of art. Your hobby can be your art. If you sing, dance, paint, draw, sketch, carve, etc. and you want to pursue a career out of it, then you can do so. There are so many opportunities available out there for artists as well.


Fashionable clothes with the latest trends attract each and every one of us. The devising of those clothes is called fashion designing. Even that could be a career, who knew right? With the changing times, trends and people’s preferences have changed too. To match up with the requirements of the public’s demands, the designers have to come up with newer ideas for dress-up. There are commercial courses available out there for the ones who have their inclination towards fashion in particular.


Teaching is one of the noblest jobs one can find. Giving others the knowledge you have is always an act of generosity. Pursuing an authenticated degree, with a teaching license will make you eligible to teach other people as well. So, if you have that teaching nerve in you, you can always opt to be an educator.


Does managing people thrive you? Do you have that kind of leadership qualities in you, that you can lead people to do their jobs? In that case, you can always go for the varied management courses available in the market. One of them is event management. If you are good to have handling and organizing events allotted to you, then you can have a proper degree in it too.


Performing arts is basically showing your inner know-how of acting and singing or theater skills to the audience. By literal meaning, it is a form of creativity to perform in front of an audience. The stage can be your best friend if you have a liking for your inner talents.


An art student can become a lawyer. The course of LLM and further advances can be pursued through the field of arts as well.


Interior designing is to design and decorate the interiors of a house, place, or building. An interior has to analyze the structure, and alignment and then decide the kind of furniture and other decorative elements that the place needs. One has to have a very artistic and practical approach to designing houses’ interiors since the placement and allotment of the interiors have to be convenient to be around.   


Choosing sports as your career isn’t easy and not everyone will take that risk. There is a stereotypical understanding overall that there is no career in sports. But that is just not true. If you are good at what you do, it is completely up to you what you wanna become. If you have been into sports for a long time, and you are good at them, then you can go ahead and become a personality in sports. It’s not necessary that sports mean you have to play on the field. You can always choose an expert in it, or a sports writer, or a coach for that matter. In short, Sports can be a career too.


The colorful and variant images and fonts in advertisements or covers, and banners, always attract us. The art of designing these images and fonts is called Graphic designing. There are many different types of design, and you get to choose from them according to your liking! The courses for Graphic designing are mostly certificate courses, so they are most likely to be of 6 months or 1 year at the max.  


Hold that thought! I know what must have come to your mind when you read the title ‘Photography’.

“What can one earn by just Clicking photos?” Am I right or am I right?

Let me clear it out for you, photography is something that is trending and reaching peaks these days. If at all you think that ‘what’s the need to learn about photography professionally?’ You’re mistaken, my friend. There are various specified and professional techniques when it comes to handling a camera and clicking pictures & that is exactly what is taught in a photography course.

Photography is one of the most trending professional courses around. The technical of clicking pictures and handling the instruments are taught in the course. These courses too are certificate-based hence, they don’t last longer than a year or two. Have the sight of a cameraman, inculcate and get professional in it.


Earn a bachelor’s degree, specialize in it and you can teach. You can become an expert. You can even write a book on your specialized subject. Becoming a researcher is always an option. If you have chosen a certain language as your specialization, you can become a translator as well. Don’t think that just the theoretical degrees don’t give you anything. Knowledge never goes waste.


A mathematician likes to play with his numbers. So if you like having wordplay, instill writing. The writer option is kind of relating to the bachelor’s degree. to become a writer, you should have your language strong. Once you get a hold of your specialized subject, you can opt to become a writer in that particular subject.


Yeah… that happened. Apparently, to look after a library’s books too, you gotta have a degree. Surprising right? In the art field, you get to choose the library science option to become a librarian in the future. If you want to be associated with books then the librarian stream is something you can explore.