Go-green with these edtech tools
4 Edtech Tools to streamline academic activities in a paperless manner.


In recent years, everyone among us is more cautious about the environment, and stringent regulations are being enforced worldwide to minimize the negative impact of human activities on the environment. The efforts put in by all of us are surely resulting in sustainable growth, which necessarily means the growth is having no negative impact on the environment.

But, is it really enough just not to harm the environment? 

Are we not responsible to help mother earth to recover?

Yes, the question is tough but unavoidable. With this question in mind, Splashgain is on its mission to make the growth of the education sector truly sustainable and environment-friendly. We believe that each of us can contribute to a greener environment by being a little more creative and innovative.

Thousands of trees are cut every day for making paper which is majorly consumed by schools, colleges, and corporations. This is time to rethink- 

โ€œIs it really required to use paper and pen for all the activities at these places?โ€

The answer is NO!

We do not need to use paper and pen for all the activities at schools, colleges, and corporations. With the help of technology, the majority of paper-consuming activities can be performed in a paperless way.

Processes that consume paper in school

Can we conduct all the mentioned activities in a paperless way?

Undoubtedly, YES. All the activities right from the admission process to examinations can be conducted online way. The same applies to corporations, the documentation and training-related assessments can be conducted in a digital way to reduce paper wastage.

While we do believe in our idea, it is not just an idea anymore, we have served hundreds of corporations and schools to use technology to find alternative digital ways to paper-consuming activities. This is supported by our large product portfolio that ranges from the online admission platform, and assessment platform to corporate learning management systems.

Here is how Splashgain with its diverse product portfolio contributed its part and explored another application of technology, more precisely, green technology!

1. How the online assessments helped us to serve the purpose of saving trees- 

On average, 250 papers are consumed by a batch of 50 students in an exam. Likewise, Splashgain has conducted 36 million exams that saved a whopping 1 billion papers; and the count does not stop here, we are serving 500+ global clients by conducting online assessments helping them to conduct paper-free examinations, and serving our purpose of Green Technology.

Green Technology Infographic

We have conducted 36 million+ assessments, and for none of these examinations, candidates even had to step out of their homes. Imagine a scenario when the majority of these 36 million candidates had to use a vehicle to reach their examination centers, it would have contributed to emission of massive amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, which are the principal gasses involved in ozone depletion, which could be easily avoided with online assessments.

Green Technology

The online assessment solution, Eklavvya, has found wide acceptance and popularity among academic professionals. Here are the top features of Eklavvya that make academicians prefer Eklavvya over conventional examinations.

Salient features of Eklavvya-

  • 52 exam types supported.
  • Customized solutions as per need.
  • The proven capability of handling large volumes of concurrent examinations.
  • Built-in bulk data handling tools.
  • Advanced AI proctoring integrated assessments.
  • End-to-End customer support.

2. How LMS helps to reduce paper consumption

In the majority of academic institutions, paper, and pen-based\ approach is still a preferred way of teaching and learning, many academicians believe that writing notes on paper is essential for students to learn efficiently, and it is very much acceptable to let students write the notes down in their notebooks, But the use of paper is not just limited to lecture notes, but extends to 100s of activities such as-

  • Application forms for leave, academic certificates, etc.
  • Daily attendance of staff and students.
  • Student data handling and clerical work.

Each of these activities at each school/college or university consumes tons of paper every year, a learning management system can help in reducing, rather than nullifying the use of paper at the level of academic institutions, here is how-

LMS can help in reducing use of paper

Apart from the earlier mentioned academic processes, the admission process is yet another academic process that significantly demands the use of paper.

For the admission process, the candidates fill up the paper printed form and submit that to the college by visiting the college. On getting selected, the students need to visit the college for paperwork and fee payment; which, in turn, makes it inevitable to use paper in the admission process.

The admission process digitalization makes it possible to take the whole process in a paperless and online mode. Our digital admission solution, ePravesh has served 5 million+ users and is trusted by 100+ clients.

Here are the top features of our digital online admission solution-

Top Features of Our Online Admission Solution

While we focus on progression in the methods of teaching and learning, we also must focus on making the academic processes sustainable and eco-friendly. The use of digital technologies like online assessments, learning management systems, and admission solutions can greatly help to reduce paper consumption and contribute to environmental sustainability. With the same purpose, Splashgain has helped institutions worldwide for contributing to environmental sustainability with its diverse product portfolio.