Skill Development in India

Given that Technology plays a huge role in Development, it has now spread its grandeur in skill development of India. Video conferencing and satellites have made it possible for students in India to swap information with their superiors in NASA- that is the power of Technology. With digital platforms like Windows, Mac, etc. and search engines like Google, Oracle, etc., skill development in India is now just a click away.

Let’s understand the significant role that technology plays in developing talent in India.

Role of Technology in Skill Development in India

Crossing Boundaries

Forwarding skill to areas where it was formerly not possible has now become quite comfortable because of leveraging technology. It is now possible to set up power centres in rural India, with the help of digital equipment and teach via video calls. Pilot sessions have already started in parts of Ajmer and Tripura.


eLearning and Online Assessment

elearning and Online assessment technologies can help Skill Training Institutes to automate key aspects of teaching, knowledge sharing and conduction online assessment. Many sill training institutes have started taking advantage of technology to enhance, automate and scale up their operations.

elearning and assessment for Skill based Training

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The Ripple Effect

It’s because of technology in one area that is acting as a multiplier effect in another. IT has crossed the gap of possibility and desires. Now, people can study with their mobile phones and help in spreading their knowledge with word of mouth.

Radio Studies

In certain areas, the farmers have started to develop skills with the help of an all time radio that guides them about vegetation seasons, the kind of manure to be used, when to harvest and how much money to pay for it. Technology has helped in enhancing skill via innovation and invention.

Cost Reduction

With digitisation and technological upgrades, it has become quite easy to manufacture content as well as distribute it without involving much cost. It’s because of IT that set up costs have shot down, and equipment requirements have also reduced.

Examples of such skills are: Welding, Driving, etc. which is possible with the help of video conferencing and also where addressing large audiences is quite convenient.

Real Time Data

With the aid of digital avenues, it has become quite easy to find real-time data that is up-to-date and upgraded. It’s a better way to equip attendees with new scenarios rather than teaching them with ancient data that will not only disengage them but also be entirely impractical in the long-run.

Policy Formulation

Digital Platforms have helped in formulating policies and setting up certain standards for skill supply, demand, the gaps, wage scales and compensations, etc. It forms the basis of resource planning and usage. It is because of IT that judicious fruits can be borne by the skilled developer as well as the participant.

Technology has always been the cause of innovation and invention. From data planning to its produce, one can’t outlook how technology is always there every step of the way. IT has made it easy to travel boundaries and not be limited with physical geographies. It is because of digitisation that one can even dream of receiving the world-class education from experts sitting at a location unexplored on the world-map. So let’s thank technology for its mighty power and cost cuts that allow it to inspire talents.

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