Skill Development

Skill DevelopmentDespite government’s efforts to minimise the gap between supply and demand of skill development, there is still quite a shortage in capacity. With initiatives like setting up the national skill development corporation, the government is doing their bit. However, the Private sector has also sensitised itself to the cause and is coming up with various ways to eradicate the disparity. The various activities taken up by the private sector  internship programs, apprenticeships, education scholarships and much more.


Soft Skills

India is a country where the supply of skill development falls short at 31 Lakh against a high demand of 1.28 crore new entrants every year. However, to overcome this deficit, the public sector is developing courses to equip these participants with soft skills like enhancing communication skills, learning to write corporate letters and prepping them for in advance for job placements. has developed assessment platform which can be used for assessment of the candidates undergone training. There is facility to conduct practical tests using video streaming as well.

Hosting Preliminary Interviews

To brief all applicants about the real scenario, as to how the interview process takes place, the training centres host mock interviews. To equip the potential talent with the technical know-how in order cope up with the real situation, it’s quite necessary to host such mock interviews where the trainer asks various questions in the form of a role play from the interviewee to deal with last-minute nervousness and performance pressure.

Internship Opportunities

Often, the erudite faculty at educational centres is not able to train the learners as to how to perform for the requisite position. Therefore educational centres are partnering with MNC’s to offer the potential talent pool with internship opportunities and train them with the help of practical learning experiences. These opportunities educate the learners to cope with real life on-the-job scenario that helps them graduate with skills to hit the ground running.


Mandatory Work- Experience

Educational institutions have started mandating work experience with graduation as well as post-graduation. This experience helps in the procurement of classroom knowledge and implementing it practically on the job. This way there is a fine balance between educational qualification and industry requirements.

The Result

While the government has come up with various schemes like Make in India and Skill India, it is now the Private sector that is taking a big leap forward to develop skills. From educational institutions to training centres, the industry is trying very hard to bring about improvement in the segment of skill development. The Private sector is coming up with creative ways to build skills and to enhance the real aptitude of applicants. We must understand that the country has advanced in a big way where corporates are moving away from profit-centric business plans to holistic development strategies. They can use Technology like Eklavvya to scale up their skill assessment offering.


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