Remote Proctoring for Online Exam Management

Online Education Trends

Online Education market in India is growing at rapid pace. Many new avenues and courses  have been created for online education market.

According to latest reports, online education market would touch more than 2 Billion USD in India.

There would be 6 fold rise in paid user groups for access to online education.  It leads to demand for conducting simplified examination process for such user base. With current focus shifting to re skilling process for many working professionals, everyone is looking for flexible online, part time courses which can help them to take their career to the next level.

Many education institutes, universities, private certification entities are coming up with innovative courses to target working professionals. Online education seems to be the future as it can be scalable and provides opportunity to learn in flexible environment.

1. Certification Courses

There courses are specific to technology, domain. Certification courses in the area of digital marketing, securities market, Internet of things (IOT) , Data Analytics can be considered as niche courses.

Such courses are in high demand from working professionals, students appearing for higher education courses.

2. Post Graduation Courses

Some of the post graduation courses are defined for working professionals. Such courses are part time or e learning mode. Working professionals can complete those courses in flexible schedule.

3. Short Term Courses

Those courses are of 1 to 6 weeks duration. Person undergoes certain training for particular topic  for gaining domain knowledge, technical knowledge using live case studies, case specific scenario learning.

4. Corporate Courses specific to requirements

Organizations tie up with university to train their employees in certain areas where there is skill set  gap. Employees of the organization undergoes training in online or offline mode.

Workflow for Online education

Online education or online education follows methodology of online registration, online + offline course delivery using eLearning, eBooks, online/ offline classes, tutorials and examination with certificate delivery process.

Online Registration 

Prospective students can register for the course by filling online enrollment form. Students can opt for installment based fee payment using online payment mechanism.

Course Study

After registration is validated and confirmed, students can use online/ offline study mode based on the course attributes and availability of technology for e learning.

Examination Process for Online education

Examination is being conducted at exam center. It can be online or offline  / paper based exam. Institutes and universities can provide facility of slot booking for the students.  For appearing of examination, students need to visit nearby examination centers . In case of online exam, it is conducted in presence of invigilator . It is responsibility of invigilator to conduct exams in secure environment.

Managing examination process involves following steps

1.Examination Center across multiple Locations

Education institute or university  must have infrastructure to conduct examinations across multiple locations. Examination centers must be equipped with technology infrastructure like computers, internet connection, power backup to enable examination process.Cost of managing such infrastructure or even having tie up with third party examination centers is costly.

Online courses are opted by working professionals. They need to travel for official company work. In case of exams happening at specific examination center, it is a bottleneck. Working professionals may not be able to visit specific exam center as they might be travelling outside country, other location for the work.

2.Examination Invigilator

While candidates are using examination centers there should be invigilator to monitor, control examination activity. Invigilator need to travel to examination center at the time of exam dates.

3.Authentication and Authorization of Student Appearing for the Exam

Invigilator need to verify identity of the students appearing for the exam. Each invigilator should verify if student is carrying valid identity card and has enrolled for the course exam process.

You can listen to this podcast to understand advantages of Remote Proctoring approach


Remote Proctoring Process

Remote proctoring process can help you to simplify examination process for online or distance education courses. Remote Proctoring is process to authenticate and authorize remote candidate appearing for the examination. Candidate can appear for online exam from any location across the world with internet and web camera connected machine. Examination can be conducted in secure environment. Need of examination center and physical presence of invigilator can be eliminated.

Remote Proctoring for Online Exam Management

Here is the workflow which can simplify remote examination management using Remote Proctoring

1.Remote Candidate Logs in for the exam at pre defined exam schedule

2.Remote Proctor is able to see live streaming of candidate activity using web camera attached with remote machine. Exam activity is not started unless web camera is enabled for the machine.

3.Remote Candidate need to show valid identity to remote proctor to start online exam

Remote Candidate Authentication for Online Exam

4. If Identity if the remote candidate is authenticated then proctor allows start of examination activity.

5. Proctor can initiate live chat with remote candidate along with continuous streaming activity

6. Remote Candidate Exam activity streaming is recorded and available for future reference.

7. Overall activity is completed using technology and it provides flexibility to candidate appearing for the exam and invigilator/ proctor who is monitoring the exam process.

Remote Proctoring Process for Online Examination Management

Advantages of Remote Proctoring Process

  1. Simplification of Exam Process: Examination process gets simplified and has advantage over traditional process of examination center
  2. Save in Exam Management Cost: There is significant saving in exam management as all the activities of exam center management, physical invigilation get eliminated.

Online Examination and Knowledge Management Solution is an award winning platform for online assessment process using Remote Proctoring. There is facility of image proctoring as well as video proctoring available. Many universities, private certificate authorities are using this platform to conduct online exams for remote candidates across the world. You can enroll for free trial and evaluate the platform to understand how you can simplify examination process for your initiative.

MVLCO Case study for Remote Proctoring Process

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