Appearing for the interview is final stage of MBA selection process. By this time you might have completed process of entrance exam, Group Discussions, shortlisting based on your profile. It is important to create impression with interviewer during your MBA interview. Now a days due to technology interviews are conducted using video conferencing or in personal. Interviewers evaluate your interpersonal skills, communication skills, listening ability, overall personality.

1. Your Listening Ability: It is always better to listen question completely before starting giving answers. Person who startsMBA Interview explanation before completion of question is considered impatient and negative in terms of listening ability. If you do not understand question completely then it is always better to clarify or ask counter question to get 100% understanding of what is expected in your response. Asking clarification/ doubts is considered as positive trait and it indicates good listening skill. It is good not to  interrupt the interviewer.

2.About Yourself : It is recommended  that you should have done detailed analysis about your self, your strength, weakness, your interests, your personality traits. When interviewer is asking questions about yourself, it is good to explain the things in “StoryTelling” mode. Storytelling mode is important aspect to impress interviewer. It also shows that you are good learner and learn through your own experience of life. It is always good to talk positively about most of the things, organizations around the world are looking for the positive minded people. Your positive attitude would definitely give you final admit offer of your B School.

3. Behavior: Of course you would be little or more nervous  while appearing for the interview.Do not show that you are too tensed and nervous. You should come across as a person who has great energy, knows business Etiquette  like proper handshaking mechanism, eye contact, ability to communicate with multiple interviewers (in some cases) . Maintaining eye contact with interviewer or group of interviewers is very important. Not maintaining eye contact indicates that you are nervous , lack confidence , shy personality etc. What ever might be your opinion about certain questions asked, you should speak with confidence and maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

4. While appearing for the MBA interview it is recommended that you should be in Business Formals. Business formals definitely adds wight to your personality.It also indicates your seriousness to crack the interview.

5. Thanking Interviewer : Most of the candidates fail to follow this simple but effective method to win interviewer. Before starting interview it is good to thank interviewer for their valuable time and consideration of your application for the institute admission process. Even in the end you should say Thank you for the interview and greet with the smile. Respecting people for their valuable time and giving importance indicates that you value people for their time and you are good team player.