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Long queues for admission process, Admission is delayed due to technical error, students Queus[1]complained about admission seat allocation!!! You must have been familiar with the above news getting coverage in various media. The Indian education system is on the growth path with an increase in number of students enrolment year on year. Due to the increase in the number of students and a variety of the courses, various criteria of home university, outside university quota, category,  etc admission process has become tedious.


Managing admission process has become a very critical task for schools, colleges, universities. Admission is an entry point for new students and the satisfaction of the students is crucial to execute a smooth admission process.

Currently, some of the educational entities are using technology to manage admission process. However, technology has to be full-proof and it should be able to handle concurrent traffic of users who are simultaneously submitting online forms. The technology used in an incomplete manner would increase dissatisfaction for the students. Most of the times students, parents do not get proper information about how to fill the form, the next steps, waitlisting criteria, merit list criteria, etc. Education entities must provide adequate support for the applicants so that they can submit admission forms with 100% clarity of various information to be filled.

When institute receives hundreds or some cases thousands of admission forms, all those forms should be sorted as per various criteria and technology can play a crucial role in this case. Currently, many students are complaining about an error in seat allocation as technology is not generating 100% accurate result of the allocation of admission seats.

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The technology uses innovative and tested platforms like can simplify the admission process. In order to resolve queries, various modes of support can be provided including email support, online live chat support, Discussion Forum support.

In order to eliminate timeout errors when concurrent applicants are trying to submit a form, advance technology of cloud computing can be used. If traffic for online form submission is increasing then the system should add additional server and transfer this traffic to a new server so that all applicants can able to submit the online form without any technical error or server timeout errors.
Currently, most of the institutes are accepting demand draft payment for the form fee, new avenues like Credit card, debit card payments, internet banking, cash cards, cash voucher payments should be explored. It will also help to reach out to more students from tier 2, tier 3 cities of India and rural India.

The traditional way of reaching out to students is through a newspaper advertisement. Currently, India is the third-largest internet population of the world and soon it is going to surpass the total number of internet users of the USA.
Institutes can explore additional options of internet marketing, Mobile Applications like Android App to reach out to tech-savvy students.

Mobile penetration is almost reaching out to 100% population of India and soon mCommerce will be the norm and means of currency exchange, currency payments. Educational institutes can prepare themselves to be ready with such change in order to simplify admission process and form fee payment process.

DTH services are also expanding in India in a rapid way and some of the education entities are also using it to reach out to their customers for entrance exam preparations, coaching for some of the school subjects, syllabus, etc. DTH is going to be the future for interactive learning, and DTH will be more interactive with many value-added services. Education sector can explore options to use DTH to their advantage in such technology-oriented digital world.


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