How to improve teaching and learning for school
How to improve teaching and learning for school

The global pandemic came with many changes people were not expecting at all. Since the coronavirus outbreak, everything has changed, especially the way we teach and learn. To slow the spread of the virus and protect the health of the children, schools have shifted online. And like this, more room was made for online learning and teaching. Currently, there are several online resources for students through which students are developing their technical skills as well.

However, as the vaccination campaign begins to be more successful, we will likely see a slow return to schools of educators and students. But in the actual context, as a teacher and educator, you might ask yourself how to improve teaching and learning for schools. It seems like a challenging thing to do especially during these times. But there are a few things you need to consider and analyze before you plan your strategy and implement it. So, let’s see what works and what you should do. 

Clear Course Expectations

Because most courses are done online nowadays, it is important to try and establish a special connection with your students. Doing this virtually is challenging, especially because everything happens through a video call. Students might feel overwhelmed or confused too, but you can help them improve the learning process. As an educator, you are responsible for it so how to improve teaching and learning for schools? By setting and sharing clear course expectations. 

Students need to be aware and know what you expect from them during and after the course. At the same time, they need to know what to expect from the course, naming what they will learn and which will be the outcomes. When sharing all these it’s important to make connections to the real world and come up with real-life examples. You can also share a personal experience you find inspiring that will help you send your ideas clearly. 

To help students become more aware of the learning outcomes, you can give them assignments that are related to them. This way, it will be easier to grasp the meaning and goal of the course, says a professional essay writing service.


Everyone loves a little bit of competition, and your students surely do the same. Preparing short quizzes for your students will considerably improve the teaching and learning process. Even though each student has its learning style, quizzes seem to apply to them all. This is because the goal of the quiz is not to win, but to give correct answers. 

And if you are asked to remember a piece of certain information multiple times, it will be easier to retrieve it when you need it. Aim to keep the quiz at a low stake or no stake at all. Include questions that refer to the previous lessons to help students remember what they have learned. This can be a nice activity that makes the classes more engaging. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to offer more details on a subject and students to ask for clarifications. 

Create a Bond With Students

Many sayings underlie the importance of a good relationship between educators and teachers and their students. As a student, if you do not like your teacher, you will not be interested in the subject they are teaching. As an educator, if you do not have a good approach towards students, you might risk them not liking you and not learning at all. And like this, your goal will not be accomplished, say writers from a mba essay writing service.

It is therefore important to establish a bond with the students. If they feel close to you, they will not refrain from asking questions or wanting more details. They need encouragement and motivation and you can be one of their sources. Take a moment to notice each of your students and learn their names. Each of them is different, but they all are there to learn, develop, and improve their skills. 

Appreciate their efforts and praise them for their accomplishments. Be friendly and supportive and communicate with them personally. And most importantly, listen to them. Some many teachers and educators think they know better, but often students’ complaints and wishes come with many solutions. And actively listening to students will surely help you create a bond with them and improve teaching and learning for schools. 

Active and Practical Learning

Wanting to improve teaching and learning for schools is something every educator wants. And one of the most efficient solutions is to encourage and support active and practical learning. This means that, when possible, you should organize activities that allow students to have a hands-on experience. Learning by doing is among the most efficient ways to learn, so when it is possible, do this for your students. 

Besides this, learning in school is not only about expanding your knowledge or acquiring new information. It is also about learning different soft skills, and this is a domain where teachers and educators can add more value. Asking your students to work in groups for projects is a nice activity. 

This will help them bond with each other, but also learn the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and communication. Aim to be a mentor and peer teacher for your students and support them in these group projects. You are the one they are learning the most from, so be there when they need you. 

Final Words

Learning and teaching have changed drastically during the last year. And even though it seems that the world will come back to normal soon, we still have a long way to go. Both educators and students had to adapt to these new changes and new styles of online teaching and learning. And if you want to improve learning and teaching for schools, there are a few things you could do. 

Aim to establish a special bond with your students to create the perfect context for learning. The closer they feel to you, the more comfortable they will be to engage in discussions or ask for more details. Encourage active and practical learning, organize quizzes and set and send clear expectations.

Author Bio: Chris Johnsons is one of the most famous editors of a big company in London. He has been working in this company since 2012. His hobby is basketball. He is fond of swimming and reading books.