MultiLanguage Support For Online Examination System

Some countries such as Spain, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, etc. use their local language as their first language. They use their local or regional language not only for communication but also for education purpose.

The students belonging to such countries might find questions or instructions in English difficult to understand. Thus, the online exam needs to be conducted in the regional or local language for the sake of students’ convenience.

Eklavvya offers you different features to conduct the online exams in the language of your choice. You can select the language in which the questions and other instructions related to the online exam will be given to the students.

Conducting Online Exam Process is becoming essential for selection of candidate for education institutes, hiring of the candidates for enterprise. Even in case of Govt Initiates like Skill India it is becoming essential to conduct online assessment of the candidates.

Limitations of English Language

Most of the cases of assessment, it may be crucial to use regional language for the assessment. e.g. In case if exam is being conducted at Gujarat state then Gujarati language is important apart from English Language for the assessment process.

Candidate Background

Language of assessment depends on the candidate background and languages known to them. In such case it is essential to provide multiple language support for the  assessment process. In such case candidate can see question in his/her preferred language and attempt questions accordingly.

MultiLanguage Support For Online Examination System

Regional Language Importance

Regional Languages are important medium of communication in Indian states. Skill India Initiative from Govt of India has focus on training in regional languages along with assessment to be conducted in respective language. Technology for multi-language is useful for such scenarios.

indian Languages

Question Bank

If you are looking to conduct online exam in regional language apart from English then it is important to prepare 2 versions of the question bank. One would be in english language and another would be in regional language. Simple translation may not work as some of the specific words from question may get translated in wrong manner. If you have 2 sets of such question bank then Online Examination System manages multi language exam process.

Language Selection

Technology can help to design online exam in such a way that examination can be conducted in multiple languages where user would have option to select preferred language. Eklavvya has built feature which helps to manage online exams in multiple languages. Candidate gets option to select language while appearing for the exam.

Following is one of the sample screenshot where candidate is able to select English or Gujarati language option.

Online Exam in Multi Language

Online Exam and Knowledge Management Software for Skill Based Training is an online assessment and knowledge management solution used by many corporate, Professional Training Institutes, Universities to conduct entrance exams.

It is possible to design online exam with define question bank and question randomization approach according to difficulty level and exam syllabus.

It is useful tool for Various Test Preparations, Entrance Tests for Academic Courses, Regular Assessment for University Courses. Many Education entities have been benefited with this new approach of the assessment. You can enroll for Free Trial to check all features.

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