In today’s world, the smartphone plays a crucial role for everyone. For the last few years, even the educational industry is now a platform seeing tech innovations. 

With just a smartphone and educational app, the tech is not just defined to kids, or learners but also a great platform for adults too. Hence, Educational app development targets both students and teachers to build different e-learning platforms.

Education technology has gained huge recognition that it is turning out to be a productive business niche for both entrepreneurs and app developers. 

If we look at the research reports, it states that the global educational app market will see a growth rate of CAGR of about 26% during 2020-2024.

Here, in this blog, we guide you through the basics of educational app development right from trends and benefits to the features and useful tips that you need to consider.

Types of educational app

Educational apps are usually classified into two categories – Apps for teachers and Apps for students. To get started with educational apps, you need to be certain of where to invest in.

Educational Apps for Teachers 

Educational apps for teachers are quite different from the apps intended for students. Apps for teachers are aimed to ease their process of teaching. These apps can able to track student’s performance and improvement along with the ease of sharing the grades and reports to parents.

Here are few points a best educational app for teachers can do –


For creating the overall process of education fun and exciting, gamification has been added to make the classes fun and engaging. Consider the example of – Kahoot.  The app lets teachers and educators prepare questions & answers and then turn them into the form of games.

Tracking Progress 

There are features in the educational app that enable teachers to track and watch students’ progress while sharing their grades and results with parents too. Apps like Seesaw provides the student’s portfolio and allows teachers to share the grades with their parents.

Learning Materials –

Cloud-based platforms are the best platform for sharing and saving large quantities of learning material. Taking up a DevOps course will help you how to share and save data through the cloud platform. Through the saved data, gaining solutions are easy and available for both. An app like Schoology lets teachers and students make notes and highlight them in the form of text.

Educational Apps for Students 

Students need apps for getting information about several different subjects. And hence, there are lots of topmost educational apps already available in the market.

For Learning Language –

There are students and people who are eager to learn foreign languages and thus need regular practice. Moreover, a lot of top educational apps are in the market for tutoring people to learn new words in a fun way together with videos too. An app like Duolingo provides users with testing their level of language learning. Hence, the app renders a course based on the data collected.

Apps for Kids –

Educational apps are not just defined to adults and students, there are apps for kids too. With the best educational apps, kids can discover lessons via games. By such applications, kids can learn writing, reading, or counting. An app called Poptropica English offers kids solving puzzles for practicing English lessons.

For Online Courses –

Schools and colleges are also coming up with the best educational apps for letting students choose courses as per their choice. An app known as Udemy offers teachers for various subjects. This platform comes up with exceptional search aptitudes and filtering systems.

Preparing for Exam –

There are various apps available like GradeUp, ExamPrep providing comprehensive solutions to students. These solutions provide quizzes, test papers, memorizing chapters, flashcards, and many others.

Crucial Features of Educational App

Features of educational app

When building an educational app, there are features and capabilities that must be a component of your design. They help to maximize user experience and keep your app simple to operate and organized. These involve:

  • Sign up/Log in
  • Dashboard/user profile
  • Search bar/Filters
  • AI-sourced behavioral analysis modules
  • Link to Social media
  • In-app social platform
  • Database
  • Educational Content
  • Scheduling system
  • Download of materials
  • Projects, exams
  • Analytics such as surveys, reviews, feedback, and tests
  • Offline mode
  • Push notifications

Benefits of Education App Development

  • Developing new skill sets
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Productivity tracking
  • Unlimited resources
  • Time-saving
  • Hassle-free learning

Useful Tips on Educational Application Development

Use Right Teaching Methods –

Education should be effective! If you yourself don’t understand the instruction, don’t limit yourself to expert advice.

Add Game Elements –

It’s time to place the knowledge into practice. i.e., education apps can be implemented as interesting games such as Quizzes, buzzer zone, multiple choices.

User-friendly Interface –

It must be easy, friendly, and clear. And again, when it comes to kids, the simplicity of design is supreme.

Compatibility with Different Devices –

You don’t know which platforms (Android or iOS) your users prefer, so you should ponder all the possibilities.

Make use of Bright Graphics & Interesting Sounds –

Ensure that the sound effect can be turned off in order to serve the requirements of all customers.

MVP Model –

If you have a thin budget, but still want to create an educational app, begin with the MVP model. Later, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your mobile service.

Technology Trends for the Educational Apps Market

tech trends of education app

There are several trends that are developing in the field of online learning. A lot of them are transforming the narrative on education. 

They urge innovative methods of educational app development and enthusiasm for learning. These involve


  • Gamification plays a big role to let people invest in learning and becoming challenging for the overall development.
  • Artificial Intelligence, i.e., AI, helps to improve learning capability.
  • Augmented Reality, i.e., AR technologies, engage all of our senses.
  • Virtual Reality i.e. VR basically enhances experiential learning.
  • Multiplicity and like-minded community-driven applications make a positive loop to solve queries across the globe.

Top Educational Apps in the Market

Top Educational Apps

Udemy –

For high-quality training and better experience, Udemy is one of the top educational apps that offer high-quality teachings from individual teachers. Also, the app is famous for offering several courses to adults too.

Photomath –

For all the maths experts, Photomath is the best app to solve high school algebra problems. All you require to obtain a solution is to snap the image of the problem or type it, the app then splits down the solution into several steps.

edX –

edX apps empower everyone and anyone to discover things from known organizations like McGill, MIT. This is one of the top educational apps that provides ease to one by allowing them to access online speeches, tests, and assignments.

Duolingo –

The ideal platform for all those who are interested in learning foreign languages. Duolingo offers a series of lessons for well-known languages like Italian, German, Spanish, English, and many others. It also provides support to users as they can choose their native languages making the learning experience convenient and simple.

GradeProof –

GradeProof is an app that helps learners to sharpen their writing, one sentence at a time. Its AI offers techniques for improving style, originality checkers along identifying intricate grammatical issues.


Certainly, Educational app development is the future of learning. To make an education app, you have to make sure to use the right tools and technology to get started with your education app development services.

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