ePravesh®, a product of Splashgain technologies and an award winning online platform for admissions, has launch first of its kind customized android

DESIFT Admission  mobile Kit of ePravesh
DESIFT Admission mobile Kit of ePravesh

based admission kit for DES Institute of Film and Television Pune. The admission kit will feature details of the institute in terms of the courses it offers, its curriculum details, important deadlines like of merit list declaration, last date to fill admission forms, exam details, timetables along with any other admission –related news for students. Apart from this, the platform will provide the prospectus and the brochure which will give students insights into the placements statistics and other information including hostel admission details. The admission kit has been launched with an aim to bridge the communication gap between institutes and students with mobile digital solution.


Talking about the Mkit, Mr.Girish Kemkar, Director, DES Institute of Film and Television said, “With the rising number of students seeking admissions in our institute from across the country, it was important for us to have an effective medium that will enable us to reach out to the students. Moreover with 25 million Smartphone users in India, ePravesh ’s Mkit was the perfect partner for our institute. The MKit has not only made the whole pre admission process more organised and streamlined, but the platform has also made it easy and convenient for students, parents and working professionals seeking admission in our institute due to its mobility.”

Giving his thoughts on the partnership with DES Institute of Film and Television Mr. Swapnil Dharmadhikari,  Founder, Splashgain Technologies said “The prime objective of Splashgain Technologies has always been to develop efficient technological solutions for the education sector in order to have a constant flow of information between the institute and the students. The Mkit will provide a common platform for students, parents and institutes to interact and share information easily and effectively. We are excited to have DES Institute of Film and Television partner with us for this platform, and we hope to help the institute to successfully streamline their pre-admission process as well as open a new medium of communication with the institutes’ students and parents.”
The platform will also contain other interesting features to bridge the communication gap between the institute and its students. For example, The

DESIFT mKit for Film and Television Related Courses
DESIFT mKit for Film and Television Related Courses

Update feature will constantly inform students about various events, conferences and seminars taking place in the college while The Call feature can enable the students to resolve their institute-related queries through the platform.
About ePravesh®

ePravesh® , a product of Splashgain Technologies, is an education based service platform developed for the educational institutions across India to manage online pre-admission aligned processes. It has many built in functionalities which are useful for the students and educational institutes. The various levels of services include selecting institute, application for admission, form & documents submission & the subsequent communication.