Monthwise Admission Applicant Analysis
Admission Data Analytics
                                                                  Admission Data Analytics

Admission process is   crucial process  for getting new students for the institute. It is important to get right kind of students for the institute as students usually considered as brand ambassador of the institute. For many higher education institutes running niche courses , admission process is continuous activity.During this activity it is important to analyze data of current admissions/ enrollments and get some inference about future prospects or regionwise popularity of the institute across State or Nation.

ePravesh® helps institute to get various statistics of the data during live admission process. Such admission data can help institute to define which region should be targeted for the marketing of the courses and where exactly there will be probability of getting more students for the course.

Statewise/ Citywise Students Analysis:

Statistics of statewise applicants can provide inference for popularity of institute course across the country. This is especially important for the institute inviting nationwide applicants for its course.

Ongoing data can help team to understand effort area for the additional marketing and brand building activities to be initiated.

Statewise Admission Applicant Analysis for the institute to keep track on online admission process and define strategy for it

Male Female Ratio :

Admission data also helps to understand applicants male/ Female ratio.

Categorywise Analysis:

In case of  govt aided institutes, it is important to have such data as this data needs to be submitted to the government. With Online Admission Analytics , such data is available at single click.

Admission Data Analysis

OnlineAdmission ePravesh

Monthwise Admission Analysis :

Institute can also keep track on month on month applications to check if it is inline to advertisement efforts and other campaigning implemented during particular month.

Monthwise Admission Applicant Analysis

Reference : Online admission data can also provide reference point of student for understanding how student got to know about the course. It can be from Radio advertisement, Facebook Fan Page, former student, word of mouth, online ad campaign etc. This statistic can help to redefine or analyze marketing strategy for the institute.