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AI is empowering many things in various sectors. Education sector is also gearing up for adoption of AI for various things including admission process, Personalized Learning, Examination and Assessment Process.

Explore this article to know trends of AI adoption in Indian classrooms…

The Benefits of Blended Learning – A Global Overview
Explore effective ways and means to build brand of your institute and attract students for admission process.

Explore effective digital marketing techniques targeted for education domain.

The examination management is done at various levels, right from scheduling the examinations, arranging the classrooms for examinations to printing the question papers. These activities are tedious and hold high chances of errors, to prevent errors, multiple levels of management review each and every part of the examination process.

The Benefits of Blended Learning – A Global Overview

The key characteristics of blended learning:
The blended learning has essentially three components

  1. Continuation of existing teaching method
  2. Digitalization of classrooms and rendering them “Technologically enabled”
  3. Content delivery and storage in a novel way (Eg Graphics, Videos, VR and AR)

Top benefits of Hybrid learning model:

  1. Learning flexibility
  2. Accessibility
  3. Affordability
  4. Reduced infrastructural requirements
  5. Knowledge base creation
  6. Content transmissibility and amplification
  7. Digital experience
  8. Better record keeping
  9. No geographical barriers

Top 10 upcoming trends in education technology:

  1. Lifelong Education
  2. Online Education
  3. Digital and comprehensive online assessments
  4. Inheriting blockchain mechanism to education technology
  5. Personalized Learning
  6. AI-based Personalized analysis of individual
  7. Revolution of exam management with education technology
  8. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Education Technology
  9. Gamification
  10. Subscription-Based model for Learning

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