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Nagarvala School


LKG Admission 2022-23
  • Course Name : LKG Admission 2022-23

  • Course Type : FullTime

  • Deadline : 29 Jan 2022

  • 100
Std 1 Admission 2022-23
  • Course Name : Std 1 Admission 2022-23

  • Course Type : FullTime

  • Deadline : 04 May 2022

  • 110
Std 8 Admission 2022-2023
  • Course Name : Std 8 Admission 2022-2023

  • Course Type : FullTime

  • Deadline : 04 May 2022

  • 110



General Information

The National Model School was founded by the Late Mr. N. D. Nagarvala and the Late Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala and a group of likeminded teachers, who from their experience of teaching in Public Schools, realized the need for quality educational institutions for pupils of the middle and lower income groups. Their aim was to create good future citizens of India by inculcating in their pupils a spirit of tolerance,  integrity, a sense of responsibility and national pride.

The school was renamed Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala  Primary & Secondary School  in memory of the late Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala who passed away on  20th   May 1985.

The National Education Society which manages the Dr. (Mrs.) E. N. Nagarvala Schools consists of the following units:

Residential School

Pre – Primary School (U KG)
Primary School      ( Stds I to IV )
Secondary School  ( Stds V to X  )

Day School

Pre – Primary School ( L.KG  & UKG )
Primary School        ( Stds. I to VII    )
Secondary School    ( Stds. VIII to X )
The School is recognized by the Department of Education of the Maharashtra State Government. (S.S.C.Board). The medium of instruction is English. The revised syllabus laid down by the Education Department of Maharashtra State is followed.

Our Staff is well qualified to teach all subjects. Due importance is given to Physical Education, Art & Craft, Co- curricular & Extra-curricular activities. Every effort is made to build character through games, group activities, dramatics, elocution, and library. Special emphasis is laid on making pupils physically and mentally alert and also aware of their obligation towards God, their Parents, Elders, the Country and their fellowmen.


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Nagarvala School
No 3, Kalyani Nagar, Off Nagar Road, Pune - 411 006



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