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Abasaheb Garware College for Microbiology


M.Sc Microbiology Entrance 2020
  • Course Name : M.Sc Microbiology Entrance 2020

  • Course Type : Entrance

  • Deadline : 08 Aug 2020

  • 400



General Information

The department is home to a community of dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students; both involved in creating an innovative approach in the teaching-learning process and research in life sciences. The faculty has immense and diverse interests, ranging from Environmental Microbiology, Pollution Control Technology, Biochemistry and Enzymology, Immunology, Ethnopharmacology, Bioprospecting, Taxonomy, Molecular Biology, Food Microbiology and Probiotics.The department is dedicated to education through postgraduate course in Microbiology, providing opportunities for students to further join postgraduate and higher studies in practically all branches of life sciences.


  • Maharashtra Education Society's
    Garware College , Karve Road
  • 020-41038242
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