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MBA in Corporate Finance - ESAM

Institute Name : Study in France (Focus Consultants)

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This MBA in Corporate Finance, through its courses, teaches a core set of skills in Controlling and Performance Management, International accounting and financial consolidation, Financial audit, Financial engineering and merger, Cash and credit management, Governance and Risk Management, Digital Transformation and Corporate Finance Function, Strategic Management and Financial Business Value necessary in corporate finance positions as well as in other careers such as consulting. 

Through a variety of elective courses, this concentration helps students learn about different aspects of corporate finance, including financial statement analysis, managerial accounting, taxes and business strategy.

ESAM has built a reputation for innovation and academic excellence in business education, especially in Corporate Finance and Strategic Marketing. The top-calibre curriculum and innovative delivery format have helped ESAM earn a top ranking in Finance by L’Etudiant (prestigious reference for Education in France). The school has been offering for more than 30 years a world-class MBA education to students all over the globe.


With an emphasis on Corporate Finance, this concentration helps prepare students to embark upon or progress within careers at organizations such as investment and commercial banks, financial management consultancies, private equity firms and venture capital companies.


Through a combination of collaborative online classes, course content designed by finance professionals and opportunities to network with top business leaders, ESAM delivers a prestigious and innovative education.


Tight relationships with experts and renowned professional associations in Corporate Finance, such as the Association of Financial Directors and Management Control, guarantees constant redesign and innovation in training and education, ensuring a permanent link with the expectations of companies.

MBA Thesis from May to September with corporate finance problematic and oral at the beginning of October 2019.
Optional financial internship during the MBA Thesis.
Intensive courses from 29th October 2018 to 27th April 2019 Courses on Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday.
Controlling and Performance Management - 50 Hours International. Accounting and Financial Consolidation - 50 Hours.
Financial Audit - 50 Hours.
Financial Engineering and Merger - 50 Hours.
Cash and Credit Management - 50 Hours.
Governance and Risk Management - 50 Hours.
Digital Transformation and Corporate Finance Function - 50 Hours.
Strategic Management and Financial Business Value - 50 Hours.
+ 2 Weeks Intensive Courses in French at the Beginning of the Program and 2 Hours a Week.

ESAM maintains close relations with its network of 4 300 partner companies and potential recruiters. Companies are involved in the school’s strategic board and in the scientific committee.

They also contribute the design of curricula. C-level executives come and teach in our programs, collaborate with the faculty through research chairs. Companies also provide internships to students.



International Experience:

Our students can spend up to 2 years of their studies abroad on international exchange programmes or on our own foreign campuses.

Practical Orientation:

Each year our students build their work experience through compulsory internships lasting at least 2 months. At the end of the 5-year Masters programme, you will have cumulated up to 2 years of professional experience. We organize a wide range of courses taught via practice cases and by executive speakers.

Research and Teaching:

Over 100 professors offer our students an innovative learning environment, reflecting their academic excellence and practical knowledge of business.

Skills Orientation:

We actively encourage our students to take risks, be creative, and to be efficient & responsible managers as part of their commitment to the future.


Encompassing a wide variety of positions, corporate finance is a competitive field offering excellent compensation for those with the right skills and credentials. Graduates with an MBA in corporate finance are positioned to excel in roles in:

Accounting and Auditing.

Financial Analysis.


Private Equity.



Budget Analyst.

Chief Financial Officer.


Director of Finance.

Financial Manager.

Payroll Director.


Location: - Paris.

Duration: - 15 months.

Course Start Date: - 29th of October 2018.

Approximate tuition fees per year: - 16 000 Euros.

Eligibility: - Bachelor or First year of Master completed.