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Grande Ecole Program-IDRAC

Institute Name : Study in France (Focus Consultants)

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The mission of IDRAC Business School is to educate future executives to an outstanding level. Founded in 1965, the school offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Management, Marketing, Business, Finance, and International Management.

IDRAC Business School’s philosophy of extraordinary education is first and foremost about enabling students to navigate the professional world so that they can learn about themselves, pinpoint their strengths and unlock their potential for leading extraordinary careers.

Thanks to IDRAC Business School’s close ties with local economic players, students and alumni benefit from a powerful and inspiring network of companies.

Join IDRAC Business School and develop new ways of thinking as well as an innovative vision to shape your career.

 Programme Grande Ecole is the flagship program of IDRAC Business School. This Master program is recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and is accredited to the highest degree.

After a selective entrance examination, students smoothly integrate the management tools necessary to become tomorrow’s business managers in international corporations. Few programs offer the possibility of learning by doing, while guaranteeing academic excellence, international awareness and a network of more than 20 000 alumni.

A 6-months-internship-period is at least required, along or at the end of the academic curriculum.

All students have access to the school’s Corporate Relations Office and its resources.

International Channel Development Strategies.

International B to B Marketing Strategies.

International Web Marketing Strategy.

Managing Virtual Teams.

International Cash Flow Management.

Research Workshop.

Strategies for Emerging Markets.

Effective Complex Sales.

Negotiating Distribution and Agency Contracts.

Working for Multinational Organizations.


Managing Transportation Risks.

Emerging Market Sourcing.

Negotiating Purchasing and Sales Contracts.


Creativity and Market Intelligence.

Lead Acquisition & Cross Canal Management.

International Brand Management.

With more than 17 000 alumni, and an 85% employment rate post-graduation (within 3 months after receiving the degree), this programs leads to middle and top management positions. 

Many alumni work on global careers, 29% being in Asia, 24% in North America and 27% on the African Continent.

Positions includes Financial Auditing, Key Account Manager, Product Manager, (…), but mainly International Business Development tasks, in fields as diverse as banking, international trade, consulting, pharmaceutical or agri-business.

Duration: - 2 Years –Full Time.

Course Start Date: - September.

Approximate tuition fees per year: - 9500 Euros.

Eligibility: - Bachelor or First year of Master completed.