Explanatory Videos
Education and Marketing

With the increasing competition and strive for success everywhere, it has now become essential for the Educational Institutions as well to create their strategies for their Marketing.


The education system is not at all left behind in this competitive world. 


There is an ever-increasing competition in the field of education as well. 


With the increasing numbers of Educational Institutes, it has now become the need for them to promote their own institution to attract the student crowd towards them. 


For this purpose, institutions need to use various trending platforms like social media to promote their organisations.


One of the most popular means of promotion on social media these days is Videos.


With the increasing hype of social media amongst people these days, the crowds prefer to watch videos at their convenience, rather than reading the content.


But the thing is, there are various types of videos as well. One cannot just make some random video and post is up. 


The videos need to be relevant and to be posted according to the current trends and needs. 

Educational Institute and marketing

Brand building is something that will attract the crowds to your offer (something that you have to offer). 


The more people are aware of your company, and the resources you provide, the more publicity and name your brand will get. Your brand will build. 


Brand videos are the ones that are made to highlight the brand of the creator. These are moreover used to promote a particular brand.

Brand Videos

In case of educational institutions if you say; those too are a brand in today’s date. 


So, how the institutions can do the brand building?


The uniqueness and that different elements of an institution that they have to offer to the applicant needs to be the focus of the video. 


How is Brand building going to help?


The promotion and marketing of what peculiar than others you are equipping to your entrants are shown in the Brand videos showcased by you.

Here is the example of Brand Video

Explanatory Videos

Explanatory, as the word suggests, should be able to explain the theme you have chosen.


What you can do in an explanatory video is choose a topic related to what your institute has to offer and then explain that topic in detail 


The making of the explanatory videos must be such that the viewer must be able to understand and get a clear picture of the subject with a single look view of the recording.

Explanatory Videos

The use that educational organisations have for explanatory videos?


The educational institutions have a varied list of courses to offer. What they can do is opt for a course that they have and illustrate the pros, cons, history, usage, the further ambit of the course, etc. in detail. 


The utility of concepting such videos is that the viewer is obviously going to be a prospective student of your organisation. If they get to understand thoroughly about the courses that you have to offer and the post usage of the same as well, then and only then, will the applicants consider choosing your institution to get their degree. 

Here is the sample Explanatory Video of Institute

Demo Lecture Videos

What is a demo? 

A demo is an example of the application of the product or the service accorded. This gives the user an idea about the functionalities of the product or the service. 


The format of a demo video is such that it explains the viewer step by step usage and functions of the program. 

When it comes to educational institutions, what they can do is draft a video of their lectures. About how the teaching takes place in their institution. 


With the variety of courses they have, the formats and techniques of teaching every subject is distinct.


Science and art cannot be taught with the same methodology.


Science needs practicals wherein Arts is more workshops focused.


If the teaching method in your institution is something different than what is taught in most, then that is going to be the leading point for you.


The demo videos of such lectures, if uploaded, will increase the chances of increased numbers in the applications

Here is example of Lecture Video

Interview Videos

Interviews are conversations that take up between people about a certain specified topic. 

The technicalities and insights of the topic chosen are discussed in depth. 


Interviews are the one on one interactions of the present parties, become a way to be more of an interactive way to conduct the conversation. 

Interview Videos

For educational institutions, interviews can turn out to pitch in their perspective. 


What the institutions can do is hold interviews with faculty, alumni and recruiters to put forth their experiences and opinions about the institution. 

Interviews with Faculties

The interviews with the faculties will help the viewers understand, to the core infrastructure and functionalities of the institution in a better way. 


The basic aims, goals and achievements of the institution when trot out, will enable the organization to allure more number of applicants to them. 


The infrastructure and facilities provided, which are a major aspect to catch the eye of the viewer, should be highlighted properly in order to gain the application goals.


The faculties also include of the teaching staff of the colleges.


Their opinions and statements about the teaching methods adopted in the premises and how they are distinct than others will come to aid for reaching the desired admission figures. 

Interviews with Mentors

Mentors are technically one of the faculty members of the institutions but are someone who are externally associated with them. 


They are the experts in their own specific fields and so are capable of teaching, training, in short, mentoring the group allotted to them. 


When the educational institutions will start uploading their videos of the mentors and their methods of teaching, that is something that will be appealing to the viewer. 


Now that is something that’s going to boost the figures of the incoming applications.

Interviews of the Almuni

The alumni are the passed or say ex-students of the institutions. The mouth publicity done by them is another way to gain more students for the colleges. 


If the interviews of the past students are held and discussed their experiences in the college or institute, then it will be very prominant to grab the attention of the viewers. 


According to the human tendency, the crowds are usually attracted to the good reviews provided by the earlier experienced. 

The interviews of the alumni will most definitely get the college added numbers of admissions. 


Here is example Video of Student/ Alumni of Institute

Interview with the Recruiters

The recruiters are the ones who are involved with the ‘final product’ produced by an institution. 


They are the ones who get to analyse the capabilities and worth of the student provided to them by the organization. 


When your satisfied and happy recruiters exhibit the talents of the students who are now their employees through the interviews, it becomes an asset for the institution for their promotion. 


The point being, the institution has made such students who have done big in life and seeing success. And that definitely upholds the reputation of the organizations. 

The types of interviews and their applications for the promotion and marketing of the organizations is the new way to build the name and attract quantity and quality crowds.


It is said that ,

“ Without a strategy, content is just stuff. ” 


Meaning, there is no use of your content if you don’t know how to sell it. 


You should know your product or services that well that you promote it in every possible way. 


It has been seen to the date that the more promotion is done, the more heads are engaged towards you. 


Video promotion is the new thing in hype to catch the eye of the views who can be prospective leads and students as well for the educational institutions.  

Here is one more example of usage of Video