UPSC preparation tips

Hey there! This article will tell you guys some tips to follow while preparing for the Indian Administrative Services examination. Now, I know that it is tough to clear the IAS examinations due to the sheer portion and clearance rate.

Not to mention the enormous pressure on the student. But these tips will come in handy. These tips will help you in the complete and thorough preparation of UPSC.

Let us begin with the topic then.

The full form of NCERT is National Council of Educational Research and Training. This council publishes books for the CBSE board curriculum. NCERT books include almost all the core subjects from class 6th till class 12th. These books provide a solid foundation in those subjects by covering the basics of all the topics.

You can find the PDFs for all the NCERT books on the NCERT website.

Also, a few old NCERT books (pre-2000s) contain a lot of unedited information about the topics. These books are available online too.

So, to any IAS aspirant, I would suggest that they go through all the NCERT books from class 6th till class 12th. This will surely solidify your chances of breaking through the IAS examination.

Join a course

There are a lot of good institutes out there that provide great courses for IAS preparation. I suggest that after your self-preparation, you join these courses. Such courses are specifically designed to help prepare you for competitive exams.

The staff at such institutions train and improve your time management skills and other essential things that matter in IAS examinations, like prioritizing questions to solve, managing stress, etc.

So, I will suggest that you take up good IAS Coaching and start your preparation. 


Newspapers, magazines, and other sources of information are really important while preparing for UPSC examinations. Newspapers and various magazines provide current affairs, which is the most important aspect for IAS preparation.

These sources provide up-to-date information on the world. There are a few magazines published by the government that one can subscribe to and which are helpful for IAS preparation.

The following media is the articles. You can find thousands of articles providing you valuable data and knowledge on IAS preparation and even articles written by IAS officers and how they prepared for it.

You can find tons of videos on YouTube, which provide you a simulated environment of the IAS personal interview round. These videos are specifically made to give the viewers a taste of what happens in actual interviews.

I will suggest that an IAS aspirant goes through all these media to be thoroughly prepared.

These were some additional sources of knowledge for an IAS aspirant. Now let us see how a student can prepare for IAS.

Start early

The minimum age for enrolling for IAS is 21. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start preparing for it beforehand. Some candidates start preparing for the IAS exam once they finish their 12th class.

This gives them an enormous time advantage over other candidates.

Have a strategy

Prepare a strategy before you start studying or start preparing for IAS. Many candidates dive in randomly and start studying everything, which is not advised and not healthy.

Have a plan for studying. Focus on those subjects which you feel require more of your attention and practice them repeatedly. The subjects you are strong at should also be practiced regularly. Keep using extra resources like the ones I mentioned while preparing for IAS.

You can start by studying the NCERT books and then go on to advanced ones. You can prepare yourself mentally by watching mock interviews of candidates.

Be dedicated

IAS is only for those who are truly dedicated to it and give their 100%. One cannot hope to clear IAS without putting in extremely hard work and smart work at the same time.

An average IAS candidate studies for more than 10 hours a day. You have to fix it in your mind and just be focused. Once you keep on repeating your cycle of IAS preparation, it will become a routine, and you’ll find yourself highly motivated and efficient.

A good coaching can guide you to stay motivated. There are many coaching available in the market but I will highly recommend The Thought Tree as they provide free mentorship to the students.

That is it for now. I hope you took away something from my article. These are the sure-shot ways of ensuring your place as a future administrator and make your family and country proud. 

Also, please stay inside your homes and stay safe. Wear a mask and carry a sanitizer. 

Thank you for reading my article.

Author Bio

Hello, my name is Aditi Gupta. I passed out of my college last year and for now, I am an IAS aspirant as well as a writer who loves to share his thoughts and experiences with other aspirants.

I have been preparing for this exam for the last 1 year but I started planning when I was in the final year. I was lucky enough to meet some of the IAS and some expert teachers in this field. Talking with them helped me a lot and getting some of the important points and strategies from their experience.

My habit of writing was from my childhood and this is proving to be a boon now since making notes and writing down makes you learn everything you write. Most of you have also heard from your parents and teachers that what you write is stored in your mind forever, this is true and I have seen myself.

I like to share my knowledge about the IAS exam, the tips, the dos and don’ts during preparation to the ones preparing for the IAS exam. It is truly said ‘Knowledge shared is Knowledge gained’.