Indian student community is growing all over the world. Apart from Indian institutes, Indian students form major student community in the countries like USA, Australia, UK and Europe region.There is surge of demand for specialized , niche courses as well as traditional courses from brand institute related to Business, Technology, professional education.

Most of the foreign universities consider GRE and TOFEL as basic criteria apart from basic education. So Student aspired to study abroad must start preparing strategy to appear for those exams with good success.

1. GRE (Graduate Record Examination) This exam is recommended for the students looking for the option of Graduation, Post Graduation from foreign universities mainly from USA. This exam has 2 sections which includes Qualitative, English, Data Interpretation. Exam is conducted throughout the year at designated exam centers. Exam is conducted Online and candidate can get to know his/her score immediately after completion of the exam. Generally preparation of GRE can be completed in 3 to 4 months time with focus on practice on mock exams and analysis.

GRE now has only 2 sections. Maths and English. Both sections carry 800 marks each. Some universities have separate cut off marks for each section. Better GRE score definitely helps but lesser GRE score will not be a big hurdle.

Maths: It is fairly easy for engineering students. This section is important because 800/800 marks also can be scored. Preparation for this section can be done by revising concepts of maths and practicing them regularly.

English: If you are good at remembering words then this section can be simpler to you than others. Learn Barron’s list of words and you will cover 80% of vocabulary used in GRE. To remember words try to use different ideas as association of words to something you know, imagine them in your mind, etc. Learn and revise grammar rules.

2. TOFEL: (Test of English as Foreign language) : This exam is basically to test English language speaking, listening, reading ability of the candidate. This exam is also conducted online like GRE exam.This exam has 4 sections. Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening. Every section has 30 marks each. TOEFL needs less preparation time than GRE. Practicing mock tests and reviewing where you went wrong is sufficient.