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It’s a very interesting story, of evolution of ePraveshTM. It’s a story that each one of you are associated with. May be as in your own experience as an aspiring post-graduation student, may be as a student who is pursuing the course and miss those competitions of paper presentations, may be as a parent who  been part and parcel of admission process of your ward. You also could be an academician who has a foresight and want to adapt to a technology platform that should bring in efficiencies to go through the same heavily human dependent rigorous processes of the students admissions, every year. We believe ePraveshTM in its current Avatar should help each one of you to relate their experiences with it.

The story is of Swapnil, a 23 year young man and having Three years of ‘work- ex” in IT industry, he decided to pursue MBA. As he started preparing for various exams such as CAT, XAT, and CET etc. apart from the preparation, the very first step for him was to understand the admission process for these various institutes. Being in IT and by the year 2005 India being considered as one of the most preferred IT outsourcing destination, he was under impression that all the information and process would be available for him that is IT enabled and available on internet.  But, to his disbelief that was not the case and most of the time he needed to be dependent on the leading national daily Newspapers, college admission brochures and all the experience narrated by his friends, colleagues on a cup of coffee or on OrkutTM.

But, as he had decided to pursue his goals of becoming an MBA, he did not mind standing in those long lines, firstly for getting the drafts from the Nationalized Banks to be sent out to the institute towards the From Fees and secondly in those lines to secure his own brochures come admission forms itself. For the institutes outside of his city, states he was at the mercy of the courier agency, postal department, college administrative staffs to send OR  receive his papers such as demand drafts, admission forms, admission documents,  listings for GD, PI and admission related information. All along he was wondering why there is no IT enablement of this process, why there is no such concept of “Student as Customer” to deserve better services that was so rare to find. He used to wonder how one can define the “Touch and Feel” points of the whole process.

Graduation Dream
MBA Dream

Eventually, Swapnil did manage to become an MBA graduate from a most reputed B-school from their international campuses of Dubai and Singapore. The institute’s IT enabled approach not just during the admission process but during the course as well had a great impact on this his absorbing mind. So, after his completion of MBA, instead of accepting his campus placement offer of a communication giant, Swapnil had a different plan. And……

ePravesh was born in early 2009. An initiative, a technology platform development that could bring in all together different experience for all the stakeholders in the education admission process involved. ePraveshTM, stands for the world of “education” as well as that of “e-commerce”.  It shares the vision to change existing interaction of student community with educational institutes as well as be there not only up to the admissions but beyond that in various forms and avenues to interact with the student community. It also brings in more customer centric approach, better hand-holding in the entire admission process and should addresses majority issues related to Information dissipation. ePraveshTM determined to leverage the technology to its best potential such as Cloud computing, Social Networking, Web 2.0, e-mail and mobile communication management to develop the most scalable admission platform that should be hassle-free for students, parents as well as for academicians from the point of view of administration.

In the current form of ePraveshTM, an e-world of education admissions should be of help to do hand holding for you in every step of the admission process, be it KG or that of an MBA course from the institutes of repute. Forget the days of human dependencies and errors, right from getting a Demand Draft, School prospectus / application form to getting a GD / PI schedule – everything happening at the click of a button with the lightning speed, that also giving you insight at every step during the process. Hence we say aptly and proudly “Your Admissions. Our eSolution.”

So, come join hands with us to make the things better for everyone. We look forward to your patronage, feedback and continued support to make things further better.

Thanking You,

Team ePraveshTM



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