This is very important topic now a days especially when Government of India is considering to have single competitive entrance exam to reduce the stress of student. Currently there are multiple options available for the student after junior college. There are multiple entrance exams for each option.

i.e. for Engineering there are 2-3 entrance exams, autonomous institutes conducts their own entrance tests. Similar case is with MBBS/Medical courses.

Entrance Exam options after HSC 12th
Entrance Exam options after HSC 12th

Students are always under pressure to manage study of all such exams simultaneously and it is hampering creativity of the mind. Continuous pressure of the exams is not recommended and definitely having single entrance examination would reduce stress and make system better manageable to student and institutes.

Every institute has their own criteria, selection process. So going for single exam might not be possible on immediate basis. Specially with new career options, specializations coming up some of the autonomous institutes would like to test students for special skill set, aptitude which might not be part of central examination system.

What is your experience about such entrance examinations ?